Balenciaga L'Eau Rose – New Fragrance

With “L’Eau Rose”, Balenciaga introduces the third opus in its fragrant dynasty. 

Eau-RoseViolet – the now-iconic Balenciaga ingredient and delicious hallmark of its lineage of fragrances – is, this time, determined to sparkle! It becomes charged with electricity as it connects with blackberry in a young and perfect accord. It blends with a modern, vibrant rose, which gives a fervent colour to this new fragrance, like a light heart beating in the bottle with its bevelled facets – the emblematic bottle that houses the Balenciaga collection.

It seems to come ablaze upon contact with spicy notes and rebellious patchouli. Essences of cedar and cypress energize it and give deep, intense undergrowth notes. This new, luminous fragrance is the latest in the Balenciaga saga. Its pure pink colour seems to quiver behind the thick glass of the bottle. The matt black cap contrasts with the deceptive tenderness of Eau Rose. But we now know that paradox is what gives all Balenciaga fragrances their magnetic attraction…

The Balenciaga philosophy is embodied in a new way: a fashion that is always deliberate and confident, always in tune with the times, always contemporary. A fashion that retains all the elegance of the past but lives resolutely in the present.

Eau Rose is a passionate, thrilling fragrance, like the wild dreams of young women today, women who smoulder with sensuality. So passionately feminine.

L’Eau Rose continues the Balenciaga story. Violet, a fragile and mysterious flower, constitutes the precious olfactory thread that runs through the three Balenciaga fragrances. Once again, it is Olivier Polge who created this third opus in the Balenciaga saga and who has given violet both a touch of freshness and a resolutely exhilarating, electric dimension.

Dark yet ardent, this very violet was behind the success of the first fragrance from the House, “Balenciaga Paris”, which echoed the great couture fragrances with its powdery and peppery facets, like those unforgettable, majestic scents.

Then there was “L’Essence” – a strong and uninhibited fragrance in which violet imposed all its floral and woody notes, mixed with leaves and moss, like a mysterious garden.

“L’Eau Rose” is the latest composition from Balenciaga; a joyful, sparkling melody that sings of a radiant violet as light as the caress of spring.



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