Atkinsons' 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract At Bloomingdale's Dubai

Experience the power of three by spritzing on Atkinsons’ 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract, exclusively available at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai

Atkinsons’ ’24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract’

This September, Atkinsons takes you on an alchemic journey through the senses to celebrate the first anniversary of its House of Atkinsons re-launch and to present their latest fragrance, 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract, available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s – Dubai.

The new fragrance is the pinnacle of all the concentrations of scents that exist in the Atkinsons’ archives. Triple Extract is a formula which favours potency over the whimsy of the bouquet or the cologne. In essence, Triple Extract is the strongest, most precious, full-bodied concentrate of Atkinsons’ emblematic English Cologne: 24 Old Bond Street. It is a Triple Crown fragrance of astounding perfume pedigree, so powerful that it is dispensed from a smoked glass apothecary flacon. Its super-fresh floral infusion of petals, spices and wood makes the Triple Extract not once, not twice, but three times the potency of 24 Old Bond Street.

When James Atkinson composed his original Eau de Cologne in 1800, it was a startling rule-breaker in the world of perfumery. Uncommonly fresh yet textured and tenacious, James Atkinson invented something entirely new: the English cologne. Then came its 21st century descendant, the gorgeously chic 24 Old Bond Street (recently awarded Perfume Extraordinaire at the 2014 FiFi’s), an oh-so-English aromatic cocktail of juniper, rose and black tea, deepened with an eccentric note of smoky, oak-casked whisky accord. Created by perfumers Christine Nagel and Violaine Collas (Mane), Triple Extract is precious quintessence of 24 Old Bond Street, reworked and intensified for fuller character, tonicity and splendid dramatic contrast.

24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract is a triumph of English elegance and goes to prove that three times is most certainly the charm.

This September, discover Atkinsons’ 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract (AED for 100ml EDP 650) – available in the Middle East exclusively at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai – at the Atkinsons fragrance boutique located in the Beauty Department on the Ground Floor, The Dubai Mall.

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