Armani Privé Brings In ‘Fil Rouge’ Limited Edition

Brainchild of Giorgio Armani, Fil Rouge is a reinterpretation of the brand’s fashion collection through the noblest notes of perfumery

The house of Giorgio Armani has a new a fragrance in its luxury fragrances’ collection Armani Privé. The new perfume Fil Rouge, literally ‘red thread’, means the unifying thread that runs through an idea or its central theme. Fil Rouge fragrance is inspired by the Armani couture collection, and the line of makeup for spring-summer 2016.

FIL-ROUGE-FACON-SANS-FONDAs for each Armani/Privé limited edition fragrance, Fil Rouge is the brainchild of Giorgio Armani, his desire to reinterpret the story of a fashion collection through the noblest notes of perfumery. The nose behind this fragrance, however, is Fabrice Pellegrin (Firmenich).

Here, iris germanica – an iconic ingredient of Italian perfumery – plays with the sharpness of red fruit: sparkling, floral and brilliant. Transparent, this iris offers a face rarely seen and far distant from the usual buttery, earthy notes. It is a delicate breeze with the added freshness of Italian Bergamot.

In its most beguiling simplicity, it conveys a very modern image of natural sophistication. Fil Rouge opens with sharp and clean notes of bergamot and aldehydes. The heart of powdery iris notes with green angelica resting on a base of white musk and ambergris.

Giorgio Armani with the models

For the bottle design, out of Giorgio Armani’s desire for an organza-wrapped block of glass was born a bottle unique in the world of fine fragrances. Made by hand and topped by a red cap, it is first lacquered in pearlescent white before being screen-printed three times with striations that faithfully mimic the irregular weave of the fabric. 

Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin
Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin

Between the bottle and its solid case, a drawstring pouch is tailored from the same white, red and blue organza as the Giorgio Armani spring/summer collection. This trio of tones echo the three key notes of the Fil Rouge collection: the blue symbolises the iris petals, the red its fruit, and the white is its misty musk.

Armani/Privé Fil Rouge is available as a limited edition of just one thousand bottles worldwide.

Olfactory Notes of Fil Rouge:

Top: Bergamot, Aldehydes

Heart: Iris Concrete, Angelica

Base: Musk, Grey Amber

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