Agent Provocateur Presents Fatale Black

An enticing, seductive and enigmatic scent with an irresistible signature personality, this fragrance exemplifies the dichotomy of the Femme Fatale

Agent Provocateur Fatale Black
Agent Provocateur Fatale Black

Inspired by the 1940s Hollywood femme fatale, she is mysterious and seductive whose charms entangle her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire. She is a night vixen revealing a secret side of herself that comes out once the sun sets. She is carefree but never loses her composure. She is sensual and elegant. Therefore, she has high appreciation for a luxurious lifestyle.

She will tempt you to discover her wondrous world of dark glamour full of ecstasy!
She will allure you with her enticing, seductive and enigmatic scent just like a love potion.
She is an exotic dangerous treat, a lethal weapon of attraction…



The faceted flacon is elegantly sexy and modern with an edge. Its sharply faceted angles and planes reflect a woman’s myriad sides to the riveted gaze of those around her.

The shiny black metal collar and pump give a sleek and modern accent, complemented with a platinum band to add an elegant touch. The clear crystal cap uses the same sharply faceted angles as the bottle with an inner cap topped by the iconic script of the AP logo, carrying a platinum diamond patterned over black inspired from the outer carton, adding a synergy to the over-all presentation.

Inspired by the textures of Agent Provocateur, the carton accentuates the structural and faceted effect of the intricate and elegant flacon inside. The diamond embossed textured matte black patterned background is framed with a lacquered pink, border with the iconic logo center stage providing a rich counterpoint that gives a strong confidence yet feminine elegance.

An ode to Film Noir, its design is a modern interpretation of a retro sophistication that reflects an unconventional sense of creativity, freedom and beauty.


Agent Provocateur Fatale Black
Agent Provocateur Fatale Black

A Voluptuous, Sexy, Addictive Floriental

The outrageously bold and enticing top note is a striking blend of spicy Pink Pepper from Madagascar, juxtaposed with succulent Mango and exotic Blackcurrant for an indescribably mysterious opening sensation that scintillates the senses.

The voluptuous floral heart seduces with uber-feminine, heavenly Gardenia, edged with elegant, woody, violet-scented Orris Absolute, and sweet yet dark and sophisticated, smoky touches of Indonesian Patchouli. An addictive base of sultry, sensual Skin Musk, creamy Vanilla Orchid, irresistible Chocolate Gourmand and leathery Spanish Labdanum deliver long-lasting power, depth and aphrodisiac qualities to complete the seduction.

Perfumer: Jean-Marc Chaillan, IFF, New York
TOP: Madagascar Pink Pepper, Succulent Mango Nectar, Exotic Blackcurrant
MID: Velvet Gardenia, Royal Orris Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli
DRY: Sultry Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid Aphrodisiac, Chocolate Gourmand Addiction, Spanish Labdanum


30ml Eau de Parfum
50ml Eau de Parfum
100ml Eau de Parfum


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