A new fragrance from Calvin Klein: CK One Summer

On a hot summer day, dive into the sea. Discover what lies beneath.

ck-one-summer-limited-editionCK One Summer captures the vivid rush of diving into the exotic world underneath the sea and exploring the unknown. The bright top notes of zesty citrus and splashing waterfall give an immediate freshness. Watermelon and crushed leaves are naturally cooling and transition into the watery, green aromas of cucumber and water lily as the middle notes. As the scent dries down, caraway seeds add a hint of aromatic sensuality, while clean woody notes of musk and moss have a sexy, skin-like warmth.

Tonic woody

Top: waterfall effect, watermelon, crushed leaves, zesty citrus

Mid: water lily, cucumber, caraway, watermint

Dry: moss, blonde woods, musk

Bottle and Packaging

An innovative spray treatment adds a water droplet effect over the iconic ck one bottle, making it look wet, as if submerged under water. The combination of the neon green logo and the electric blue bottle reflects the vibrant colours under the sea.

Eau de toilette spray


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