A Kiss On Your Cheek: Petite Cherie By The House Of Annick Goutal!

Sweet, natural and mischievous, Annick Goutal and Claudie Pierlot bring a limited edition Petite Cherie

Petitie Cherie:

“A cheek you want to kiss” , describes Annick Goutal.

“A young woman guided by insouciance and joy”, says Claudie Pierlot.

A resonance of style

Ignoring trends, Claudie Pierlot and Annick Goutal have always shared the same taste for elegance : a singularly Parisian look that subverts the classic codes; like a seemingly classical dress that reveals a nude back embroidered with pearls, or a distinctly floral yet fruity scent dressed in green notes.

A patchwork of flowers

This is an entirely floral collection, where a liberty pattern and an explosion of multicolored and oversize flowers jostles the generous lengths and flirty ruffles that Claudie Pierlot envisaged as the embodiment of Petite Cherie. The flowery print, which is found in collections from season to season, instantly evokes the freshness and impertinent femininity of the fragrance.

To complete the picture and add a touch of whimsy to the wardrobe, the MariniПre, an iconic piece of the House, gets an arty reinterpretation. The traditional stripe is energized by the words «Petite Cherie» in large navy and black lettering.

Dressed in Petite Cherie

What perfume could better incarnate the spontaneous young woman who wears the two brands than Petite Cherie? Behind the musky rose is a pear -juicy and crisp– a peach -sweet and soft- and also a freshly cut grass facet. Everything is said: a woman-child, sweet, assertive.

The fragrance and the fabric come together to tell this tale of femininity. A watercolor version of the Claudie flower, blown-up and artistic, flourishes on the Annick Goutal signature ribbed bottle and its other irresistible variations. Dear to both Houses, the bow weaves a link between perfume and fashion.

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