A Guide To Choosing A Signature Scent

The best effect of a fragrance comes when you choose a perfume that complements your personality. Here is a simple guide to choose a fragrance that best resonates with your style

perfumeA signature scent is more like a personal memory, a style statement that tends to leave a mark on everyone you meet. While the description is enticing, choosing a signature scent can be quite a task. Choosing a signature scent or the often elusive perfume that best defines your style becomes easy, once you understand the technique that needs to be used.

Of course many people may want to rely on the elaborate perfume descriptions to choose the right scent. But, unless you are an experienced perfume expert, the description is not going to help you much. After all, capturing the essence of a fragrance in words is challenging enough and to be able to comprehend its true character by just reading fanciful words is not easy.

However, perfume lovers need not give up. Here is a compilation of some simple tips that will teach you to trust your nose, follow your instinct and finally commit to a signature scent that matches your personality:

Try three perfumes at a time

889117554_8b1daee3d8_mEven when you don’t have an idea about the different perfumes, don’t go around smelling all bottles in the store. This way you will only end up confusing your brain more than before. Instead, start with smelling three fragrances at a time. Limiting your options will allow your olfactory nerves to register a better impression of each sample that you inhale.

Start with lighter notes

When you start sampling scents to choose your preferred fragrance, go for the lighter notes first. They are also easy to detect. Basically, remember to go from musky to citrus to fruity florals and finally the heavier woods, when sampling scents.

Give it time

You are not compelled to buy every fragrance you try! So, after you tried a few samples, give the fragrance some time to show its true character. Also, when you apply a fragrance to the pulse points, it’s not going to fade easily. If during this trial period, you come across a fragrance that tends to grab your attention every now and then, you have found what you were looking for.

Don’t try to follow the mob

If the world loves oudh, it does not mean you have to like it. Your olfactory palate may not be comfortable with unfamiliar scents like oudh and others and this is absolutely normal. Given this situation, you should never try to impose a fragrance on your palette or forcefully accept it just because it is popular. After all, an individual’s fragrance preference is deep rooted in familiarity.


Research a bit to understand better

Perfume notes are not too confusing. In fact, there is basic logic that governs the placement of various notes in the top, heart and base category. Invest a little time and effort to understand the logic behind this classification. Accordingly focus on understanding the fragrance, each time you sample one. This makes it easier for you to pick what you like. Additionally, since you are focusing on understanding each scent, it becomes easier to articulate when you want to demand more of a certain fragrance.

Don’t rely too much on coffee beans

The first thing that you are likely to notice when you enter a perfume shop with a motive of trying out fragrances is the small jar of coffee beans placed on every shelf. Ask the salesman and they shall promptly reply by telling you that the beans help recalibrate your olfactory nerves when you are sampling various fragrances.

But, contrary to this popular belief, many perfumery experts believe that using coffee beans too often does not help at all. Since coffee has a strong odour of its own, it can actually end up misleading your olfactory lobes. Instead, smell yourself. Yes! Simply bury your nose in your elbow and your senses will be aptly recalibrated to try more perfumes.


Sillage is the key

When people invest money in a fragrance, the notion that governs their decision is based on the longevity of the smell. Therefore, always remember to opt for a fragrance with excellent sillage. After all, the last thing you want is your fragrance to fade away before anyone even notices it. The basic concept to keep in mind while identifying the longevity of the fragrance is to ensure that it has strong heart and base notes.

In fact, the top notes fade out easily and it’s the heart and base that govern the character of the perfume.

Not just perfume

If you are looking to match your style with a signature scent, a fragrance unique to your personality, remember to complement it with the right set of perfumed products as well. For instance, if a certain rose fragrance goes well with your style, you need to ensure that the other cosmetic products being used by you are chosen from the complementing olfactive palette.

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