9 Tips To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Ever since the dawn of civilisation, the existence of scented oils and perfumes have impacted the fashion sense of individuals in a big way. Thanks to its therapeutic effect and evolution as a fashion accessory in recent times, perfumes in several forms are gaining importance in our lifestyle. You can sense a fragrance in so many things around you like candles, room fresheners, body lotions and a lot more but perfume continues to remain the crown jewel of the category because people simply love to wear perfumes. Having said that, the one challenge that every perfume user faces is making the fragrance last for longer duration of time. In fact, a lot of people rely on sillage as one of the key factors when it comes to choosing a perfume.

With the summer season at its peak, making your perfume last longer becomes even more important. After all, everybody wants to leave behind a scented trail when they walk out of the room and this is possible only if your perfume stays on, isn’t it? Making a perfume last longer is no rocket science. All it requires is a little bit of care and using the right technique while application!

So, here a few simple yet interesting ways that can surprise you with their level of effectiveness when it comes to making a perfume last longer:


1The after shower routine

When you have a bath, your skin feels fresh because the tiny pores on the surface have opened up to let it breathe. Therefore, the best time to apply the first shot of perfume is when you step out of the shower. At this time, since the pores are open, they are more likely to hold on to the fragrance for a longer duration of time. For those who prefer hot water showers, the effect is even better as the steam opens the pores to a  greater extent.

2-Moisturising your skin

Before you spray the perfume, moisturise your skin generously. The simple purpose is that the suppleness of the skin makes it a better contender to soak up the scent ensuring that the fragrance lasts all day long.


3-Using the right application technique

It is a well-known fact that for best effects, a perfume must be applied at the pulse points. Dab a little behind your ears or neck and on your wrists and your job is done! Applying at pulse points is important because the temperature at these points is slightly elevated due to the strong blood flow. This heat is just enough for the perfume as it stimulates the scent to reveal its actual character. However, a lot of people are seen rubbing their wrists while applying perfume. While the common misconception is that rubbing helps in increasing the spread of the perfume, it actually destroys the sillage. The simple reason for this is that when you rub the wrists, it increases the friction and so the heat generated adversely affects the perfume.

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4-Keep distance

When applying perfume ensure that you spray from a distance. This prevents the fragrance from getting disbursed and in turn guarantees that more of it reaches your skin. Ideally, a distance of 10 to 15 centimeters is advisable when applying a perfume.

5-Choose a perfume with strong base notes

While buying a perfume, ensure that you are choosing a composition with strong base notes so that it automatically comes with a lasting sillage. For example notes like patchouli, musk, pine, sandalwood, etc. are known to lend a lasting fragrance to the perfume.

6-Couple it with scented accessories

If you want to smell good all the time, couple your perfume with a scented nail painting, moisturizer, body lotion, etc. can work wonders. However, be careful to choose products from same fragrance families. A lot of perfumes also offer a combination of products. You can always invest in such options to be on the safe side while making the choice.


7-Use some on your hairbrush

Make perfume an integral part of your personality by using some on your hair as well. This does not mean that you should spray it on your hair directly. Instead, spray some on your hairbrush so that each time you run it through, you get to smell your favourite fragrance.

8-Apply on the body

A lot of people include applying perfume as one of the last things to do when getting ready. So, the part where they apply the perfume comes after they are dressed and are just waiting to move out. However, a perfume is developed with an intention to react with the body temperature and gradually reveal its actual scent. When you apply the perfume to your clothes, this effect is considerably reduced.


9-Keep it in the right place

You may find it funny but it is important for you to store the perfume at the right place if you want it to have the right effects, each time you decide to use it. For example, keeping the perfume in a hot or humid place like the bathroom ensures that the environmental elements infiltrate the bottle and the original fragrance is tampered.

From keeping a fragrance in its prime to applying it in the right way, these tips can contribute majorly towards increasing the sillage of your perfume. However, there is no sacrosanct process that when adhered to guarantees to bring out the best in the fragrance that you are using. This is because every perfume reacts differently on the skin of different people. Nevertheless, it is the trial and error of such rituals in your daily routine that will help you figure out the best way to make your fragrance last long.



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