Tom Hiddleston Likes Blood Orange By Shay & Blue

The God of mischief, our beloved Loki likes Blood Orange by Shay & Blue…

Tom Hiddleston is an English actor, film producer and musician. This actor is more than just a handsome face and charming smile. Tom achieved new level of fame with his well-known character Loki, also known as The God of mischief in Marvel Cinematic World. Achieving numerous awards like Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe awards, Tom has surely left a mark on Hollywood and in people’s heart.

Just like the beauty he radiates in the character that he plays, the perfumes that he prefers too are just as charming as him. Loved mostly by sharp personalities, Blood Orangs is undeniably a distinctive choice.

With none other than blood orange being the high note, this strong and intense scent gives wearer a citrusy feel blended with leather. The smell opens up with a strong orangy zest drying down to musk and amber. In short, Blood Orange is pure bliss.


Julie Masse

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Top: Blood Orange

Heart: Leather

Base: Musk, Woody notes, Amber

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