The Mesmerizing Flower Within: Goldfield & Banks’ Ingenious Ginger

Goldfield & Banks has released a new perfume, Ingenious Ginger: a fragrance with a name that reflects a startlingly accurate match between the idea and the final product. The perfume company is one of a small group of larger-distribution Australian perfume houses, and they have focussed much of their creative efforts toward raising the awareness of endemic Australian fragrant materials. 

Brand founder Dimitri Weber has always had a great love for the Australian ginger flower also known as torch ginger, or red torch ginger lily flower and wanted to work it into a fragrance for Goldfield & Banks. But the flower doesn’t have a distinct smell, keeping with their practice of using “home harvested” materials, native Australian redback ginger root was the starting point from which an accord was built, and so began the formation of a smell worthy of the fascinating blossoms of this coral-red flower. 

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