Delving Into D. S. Durga’s Steamed Rainbow

D.S. & Durga’s Steamed Rainbow unveils an olfactory rebellion, defying convention with its innovative approach. Composed by color and concealed within a mystifying mist, this fragrance captivates the senses. David Seth Moltz, the creative mind behind it, ingeniously blends red, orange, and other vibrant hues to recreate the essence of a rainbow.

The scent dances within the haze, revealing hints of enigmatic orange and alluring purple, like whispered secrets. Veiled in a delicate shroud of green, a mysterious musky flower emerges, creating an intoxicating harmony. Its evolution is a mesmerizing journey, never truly settling, oscillating between rain-soaked freshness and radiant hues. Eventually, it embraces a minimalist charm, delicately intertwining a two-flower bouquet of orange and violet, akin to carefully folded tissue paper. Steamed Rainbow is an evocative and unconventional masterpiece that beckons us to embrace the allure of the unexpected.

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