Sergio Momo On Sospiro

Sergio Momo explains the concept behind his brand Sospiro and the vision he has for it

Sergio Momo
Sergio Momo

The idea behind Sospiro

The artistic idea behind it is to connect a perfume collection that has Italian or Mediterranean backgrounds to another form of art, which is typically Italian—the art of classical music and theatrical opera. So, it was creating a perfume collection that was able to talk the same olfactive language with different markets, particularly Middle East market, but not only. That is why in some of the collection’s fragrances we have a touch of oud, but it is just a touch because oud is not a hero of the blend, but it is just one of the elements, blended together to reach different olfactive compositions.


Similarities and differences between Xerjoff and Sospiro

I would say the only similarity here is the desire to realize the artistic idea in the best possible way. You know that Xerjoff’s philosophy is to assure that such an artistic creation as a perfume is presented in a particular way in order to complete the overall experience of using and owning it. So, you have olfactive emotions, you have design, and tactile feelings—there are many elements contributing to create a Xerjoff product. And I think Sospiro tries to follow the same path in terms of philosophy behind, although Sospiro does not form part of the Xerjoff portfolio.

Sospiro perfumes
Sospiro perfumes

Sospiro’s velvet flacons

The choice of these flacons is due to the butterfly—one of the Sospiro symbols. The story of the butterfly is also used in the little movie that we use in communication. The butterfly is the link between the perfume itself and the final client, it is considered a symbol of love, and flies from one place to another carrying this kind of gold dust. So, the velvet surface of the flacon is an interpretation of butterfly wings that, when touched, give the same kind of soft velvety feeling. That is basically one of the reasons why this flacons’ finishing was chosen.

Team effort

If we are talking about the Sospiro concept—it is definitely a team. Everything we do, we do in our team, as at Xerjoff. It was founded by myself and Dominique Salvo, but then obviously it became an entire team following the idea, production, development, marketing, and so on, so there is also a team behind it, not just one single person. The art direction, however, is always mine. However, I would prefer to call myself an art director, rather than nose. The nose is a person who is physically involved in creating the perfume which I demand and which I adjust according to the idea I have been keeping in my mind from the very beginning.



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