Jenny Whitehorn On Elixirs Of Nature Fragrances By The Body Shop

Jenny Whitehorn, Director of Marketing & Corporate Responsibility, EMEA Zone talks about the new ‘Elixirs of Nature’ fragrances and their differentiating factors by The Body Shop

ParfumPlus: What is the signature trait that differentiates each of these fragrances?

Jenny Whitehorn: What’s interesting is that each fragrance has its different facets or fragrance notes but what we have done here is by using different technologies, we have tried to build up and grow the main star ingredient in each fragrance. So like the flower, the orchid or any other ingredient, we have amplified its fragrance so that it becomes the central accord to each of these fragrances. And this means that it is very long lasting and who does not like smelling fragrant throughout the day!

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