Differentiating Factors Of ‘Elixirs Of Nature’ By Vania Lacascade

Vania Lacascade from The Body Shop talks about the differentiating factors of the Elixirs Of Nature fragrances

ParfumPlus: What, according to you are the differentiating factors of the Elixirs of Nature fragrances?

Vania Lacascade: Firstly, the creative process has truly been a one of its kind as it starts from selecting rare botanicals coming from different parts of the world. So, we first started to work with the centre and chose botanicals based on their rarity, olfactive quality and their story because we wanted to reveal to our consumers scents of basically, endangered botanicals which without further protection, might disappear from the planet.

And coming from The Body Shop brand, the collection is inspired by nature and using non-destructive technology so as to preserve the sustainability of its component. Also, the packaging has been really thought through here with using organic essences to further ensure sustainability. The entire concept offers our consumers something which is unique, rare, precious, different, sophisticated and promotes sustainability to be in line with The Body Shop ethics.

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