“Fragrance Is Connected to Emotion…”

ParfumPlus talks to Jean Francois Cabos, Founder of Atelier Flou

Atelier Flou is a unique concept inspired by the idea of Haute Couture in perfumery. Headed by Jean Francois Cabos, the brand made its foray into the middle eastern market in April this year. Currently available exclusively at Paris Gallery in United Arab Emirates, Atelier Flou plans to strengthen its presence in the region in the coming months. In this edition, ParfumPlus talks to Jean Francois Cabos to understand the concept behind the brand, the inspiration behind his fragrances and a lot more.

ParfumPlus(PP): How do you interpret a fragrance?

Jean Francois Cabos(JFC): To me each perfume is a unique composition that is connected to our emotions.

PP: Please explain the concept behind the name: Atelier-Flou and how did it come about?

JFC: Well the concept is inspired by the idea of Haute Couture. Atelier means workshop in French and all brands who are into Haute Couture will have an Atelier. To me the inspiration of this name as well as concept lies in designing. I believe that the perfumery is very similar to designing and through the concept of Atelier Flou, we plan to cater to the niche perfume lovers.

PP: What inspired you to get into perfumery?

JFC: My exposure to perfumery happened when I took over Balenciaga  in 1995. At that time they were also into fragrances. Later on my interactions with good friend and ace perfumer, Jacques Chabert increased and he was the one to introduce me to the world of fragrances.

PP: How would you explain the process that goes into making a perfume?

JFC: For me, I work on multiple projects simultaneously but each fragrance takes up almost 2 to 4 years to create. Each of my perfumes is inspired by the poetry and drawings that I create. Using that as a theme, I work in collaboration with Jacques Chabert in terms of discussing the ingredients, the structure, etc. which is used as the base to create the fragrance. I consider it extremely important for my fragrance to match the thought underlined by my poetry and paintings.


PP: What according to you are the distinguishing factors that set Atelier-Flou’s fragrances apart from the others in its category?

JFC: I believe my fragrances are different in terms of the concept that inspires their creation, the composition as well as the design of the bottle.

PP: What is your take on the evolution of tastes in case of the Middle Eastern perfume connoisseurs?

JFC: People in the Middle East love perfumes and over the time, their bond with fragrances has only become stronger. The tastes have surely evolved and I believe my fragrances are in line with these evolving tastes.

PP: Tell us about the fragrances that you have introduced as part of your foray into the GCC and MENA region.

JFC: As of now, we have a total of six fragrances that have been introduced in the region. These are as mentioned below:

For Him:

  •         Katana: This perfume blends cypress, juniper, cardamom, coriander and patchouli into a masculine fragrance that fits every occasion.
  •         Black Purple: This intense scent is a mix of fresh fern, rosemary, liatrix, nutmeg, amber and vetiver.
  •         Amarcord: A subtle and spicy scent, Amarcord blends lush lily-of-the-valley and cool iris notes with smooth, soft incense that brings back memories of the happiest childhood.

For Her:

  •         Shamsin: Being gentle, Shamsin boasts of notes of Jasmine, narcissus, rose, iris, cistus absolute, incense, cedar, patchouli and vanilla.
  •         Liva: Liva is a spicy, mildly fruity, subtly daring perfume with a burst of juicy mandarin and bergamot cut with a lightly spiced, vegetal presence that sets the stage for a spicy heart of cinnamon, ginger and pepper.
  •        Sloane Rose: This lady-like scent blends Jasmine, violet, orange, rose, cedar and amber.

PP:How do you see the domain of perfumery evolving in the future in lieu of the on-going debate to choose between synthetic and natural raw materials?

JFC:To me, both natural and synthetic ingredients are important. There are times when synthetic options end up doing a better job in giving the desired effect to the composition. However, naturals also hold their forte and add an altogether different dimension to the perfume.

PP: What are the new fragrances that Atelier-Flou will be introducing in the upcoming months?

JFC: In the coming months, we plan to introduce four more fragrances in the Middle East market. These fragrances are already popular amongst the Europeans and over a period of next few months, we plan to bring them here as well.

PP: Currently Atelier-Flou is available exclusively at Paris Gallery in UAE. When do you plan to expand your reach to the other selling points in the region?

JFC: Yes, as of now we are available exclusively at Paris Gallery in UAE and we also have our presence in Saudi Arabia. In the coming time, we plan to expand this reach to markets in Kuwait and Qatar as well.

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