Cécile Matton On What Sets Apart The Black Musk

Cécile Matton, the creator of Black Musk talks with ParfumPlus on how this new fragrance distinguishes from the previous saga of the musk perfumes by The Body Shop

ParfumPlus: How is Black Musk different from its predecessors?

Cécile Matton: The first one, the White Musk is very white, powdery, clean, fresh, and the second one, the Smokey Rose, the musk is there to enhance this very particular rose, very smokey and then, the Red Musk is very different as it has all these spicy parts with all the tobacco parts and no floral notes at all, and the Black Musk is different because it has all these floral parts in the top, very feminine and also this blend of woods of black wood to make the musk black.

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