Guerlain-OI Creme 2013

An ongoing quest in and for Beauty

2013_CREME-ORCHIDEEThere is just one rule at Guerlain: the Exceptional. And a single means of achieving it: a continually “renewed” adventure. An adventure that is not embarked on blindly, but with passion and rigor. Which comes to life in an original intuition, is enriched with time and experience, and is constantly searching and exploring new paths of beauty to the very limits.

Guerlain’s entire history is made up of these “great discoveries”, driven by passion and reason, and in this respect the story of the Orchidarium and the Orchidée Impériale line is an exemplary Guerlain tale. In the beginning, a rare flower that foils time. The desire to unlock – with the utmost respect for its environment – the secrets of its longevity and offer them to women. The commitment of these scientists, who luckily remain treasure hunters. High-performance, meaningful skincare products. And, last but not least, a huge pleasure in sharing, which is experienced on the ground, in the laboratories… and in the bathroom.

A flower… women, and from one to the other, an unbroken chain of passion, respect and skill. Since its launch in 2006, the Cream – exceptional complete care – has evolved thanks to new generations of active ingredients and now presents the third generation of the Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract (the I.O.M.E.).

This is the very spirit of the Orchidée Impériale adventure. Time for Guerlain is an absolute luxury. From generation to generation, scientific and technological innovation sees itself as an ongoing quest for performance in and for beauty.

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