Julien Rasquinet Joins CPL Aromas As Senior Perfumer

CPL Aromas, the independent, family-owned fragrance house, is proud to announce the appointment of Senior Perfumer Julien Rasquinet to its esteemed team of fragrance experts. Julien’s extensive experience and exceptional talent in the world of perfumery make him a valuable addition to the CPL Aromas family.

With years of industry experience, Julien Rasquinet has garnered a reputation as a visionary and innovative perfumer, known for creating standout fragrances that are memorable and resonate with consumers worldwide. His passion for the art of perfumery and his commitment to crafting scents that evoke emotions align with CPL Aromas’ core values.

Julien brings a diverse portfolio of fragrance creations across categories. His ability to combine both creative thinking and science to construct distinctive scents for his customers has earned him an impressive reputation and respect from his peers and clients alike.

Julien Rasquinet’s appointment underscores CPL Aromas’ dedication to providing clients with unparalleled fragrance solutions and reinforces the company’s position as a leader in the global fragrance industry.

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