Chloe Launches the New Campaign with Ariane Labed

Chloe launches Nomade Absolu de Parfum Campaign with actress Ariane Labed

The sun reflecting on the sand. the warm wind of liberty. with independence and elegance as her only baggage, the Nomade woman escapes once again. free. modern. serene. in her wake, boundaries disappear. a mind open to the world, each experience and each encounter is a promise of infinite horizons. the escapade at the heart of the desert – in a landscape of colours that have always inspired the house’s founder Gaby Aghion’s creativity – continues with Nomade Absolu de Parfum. a more intense getaway, immersed at the heart of a profoundly sophisticated fragrant luxuriance.

A new voyage: The delicate, scented warmth of a fantasy destination. Created by perfumer Quentin Bisch of Givaudan, this fragrance sweeps you away. This woody chypre is a more intense, intoxicating version of the original composition.

A temple of light: A french woman born in Athens who lives in London… the actress Ariane Labed is back to embody this new Nomade voyage. viewed through photographer Peter Lindbergh’s lens, in a temple of shadow and light, she represents this multifaceted adventurer. Hair gently swept by a wind of liberty, face bathed in sunny warmth, she expresses of this oneness to the world.





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