What Is The Latest Fragrance By Gucci Called?

Gucci Guilty Oud is the latest addition to the deck, an oriental fragrance infused with the iconic resin of Oud

Gucci has launched a new fragrance inspired by finding freedom in reveling in the senses. This new scent is a contemporary rendition of an oriental fragrance created by Gucci, called Gucci Guilty Absolute, infused with an iconic resin of Oud.

The perfume is imagined as mysterious and elegant, just like a walk in the forest. The scents of nature infuse with each other, melding into a deep and intense perfume that perceives the odour of wild blackberries, woody, and earthy notes. Gucci

The Scent

A composition of all the precious and powerful embodies to reinterpret Alberto Morillas and Alessandro Michele’s creative vision. Gucci Guilty Oud is for the oriental Oud olfactory category, composed from the notes similar to the Gucci Absolute Pour Homme and Pour Femme.

“A perfume composition is like a well-written sentence: there are thousands of beautiful words from which to choose, but what makes it impactful is the emotion with which they are brought together,” Alberto Morillas.Gucci


Top: Blackberry, Spicy Pink Pepper, Bulgarian Rose
Heart: Goldenwood, Patchouli, Cypriol
Base: Amber, Leather, Natural Oud

The scent experience is warm smoky and leathery.

The Bottle

Crafted in fumé glass, the bottle represents luxury, elegance, and enigma. The golden accents contrast against the dark shade glimmer in the perfume’s name and cap. The outer packaging is matte black printed with gold script.

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