Eid Treats From L’occitane’s: Get Excited!

A fragrance as special as the Roses et Reines deserves a worthy range of complements. Live the purest romance every day, with this bouquet of Red Rose products

New Rose Limited Edition

What makes red roses the symbol of love? L’occtaine’s perfumers have been studying the mysteries of the rose’s aromatic powers for years. Today, they’ve finally cracked the case of the purple petals – presenting a new fragrance that embodies the purest essence of the true love.

Sealed With A Rose

Deep in the heart of Provence, there once were four sisters. Their father, the count of Forcalquier, gave them each a rose to tend as they waited for true love. With unparalleled beauty in all the land, the sisters attracted four handsome kings who wrote them beautiful letters. To express their passion, the sisters signed each letter with the unique fragrance of the magnificent Red Rose, a symbol of their purest love.


“I wanted to express the mystery of what happens in our hearts when we are in love”, says Claire Chambert, the expert perfumer behind the new Roses et Reines fragrance. The ruby bottle embodies the purity of romance, combining the scent of blooming red roses with pink peony, berries and musky undertones. This new fragrance will help you leave a passionate mark on the world.

Top: Red Currant, Blackberry, Raspberry pulp, Grapefruit zest

Heart: Red Rose, Pink Peony, Red fruits – Bergamot

Base: White Musk, Rose Blossom, White Sandalwood, Wild Raspberry

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