Boss Bottled Infinite

Boss Bottled Infinite: Express Your Inner Self

What does ‘being a man’ mean in 2019? In today’s world, stereotypical gender codes are constantly being challenged. The truth is, there is no singular definition of masculinity anymore. All we know is, men today seek balance. Balance between everything. And inspired by this balance Boss introduces – Boss Bottled Infinite

For the Man of Today, it is about achieving success and self-fulfilment through career, family, and friends. Being a partner, father, friend, colleague. Navigating these various roles, the Man of Today seeks balance, authenticity and connection to his natural state.

Inspired by this desire for balance, Boss Parfums introduces a new signature Eau de Parfum: Boss Bottled Infinite.

Representing the Boss Bottled values of integrity and authenticity, global fragrance ambassador Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as he embodies a new facet of the Man of Today.

“I loved working on the new Boss Bottled Infinite campaign. There is a heavy focus on getting away from the chaos of urban life and reconnecting with nature which is always a constant goal in my life! I am very grateful to everyone at BOSS and the director for this creative venture and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.” – Chris Hemsworth.

Boss Bottled Infinite

Boss Bottled Infinite New Campaign

Chris Hemsworth stars in the Boss Bottled Infinite campaign film shot by Karim Huu Do with campaign photography by Matthew Brookes. The film shows him leaving the city behind to reconnect with nature, heading to embrace infinite opportunities. Moving from his urban world to be at one with his surroundings, he explores his passions – by himself and with his loved ones. The waves crash as he treads the sand barefoot. He feels connected and fulfilled, aware of the infinite range of possibilities ahead.

Boss Bottled Range

Crafted by master perfumer Annick Menardo, the Boss Bottled fragrance range allows the Man of Today to choose the scent that reflects his needs for the day. Enabling him to be the best version of himself, whatever he does and wherever he finds himself.
A confidence-infused and sophisticated fragrance. Boss Bottled reflects the Man of Today’s drive, integrity and warmth. He shows the world who he is: a man who acts according to his own set of values – every hour of every day.

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