The Body Shop Launches Black Musk

After the success of the iconic White Musk from 1981 and Red Musk from 2014, The Body Shop has introduced Black Musk, the latest addition to its collection amidst a grand event hosted at the Mall of Emirates on 13th October, earlier this month

Exploring the sensual side of musk, the new Black Musk fragrance by The Body Shop consists of a unique composition signed by ace perfumers Cecile Matton and Ralf Schweiger. Said to be a bolder and more sensual version of its predecessors, the new fragrance focuses on exploring the relatively untouched aspects of its core ingredient- musk.

The Black Musk fragrance was introduced amidst a grand gathering in an event hosted at the Mall of the Emirates on 13th of October, 2015.

Amongst the others who were present at the occasion was ace perfumer Cecile Matton who flew in from Paris to witness the launch. During the event, she was the one taking the questions from the attendees and explaining the multiple facets of this new fragrance. 

The ace perfumer was also interviewed by ParfumPlus on the occasion of the launch. During the interview she shared her opinion about the new fragrance, her inspiration , way of working favourites and of course her opinion about the Middle East perfume lover. For more watch the video:

The launch of the fragrance received an overwhelming response from the perfume lovers in Dubai. In addition to the extensive discussions about the perfumer, the notes and the making of the fragrance, the organisers also hosted several fun filled and interactive activities for the participants. This included a surprise game where the attendees were invited to identify the contrasting notes of the new fragrance.

Well known makeup artist and beauty blogger, Sondos Alqattan was also present for the launch of Black Musk.

Sondos Al Qattan and Black Musk
Sondos Alqattan taking a selfie with the perfumes

The new fragrance is made from Community Fair Trade organic alcohol developed using sugar cane that is harvested by cooperatives in South America, in line with The Body Shop’s practice of relying on natural ingredients.

Based on contrasting notes, the new fragrance is aimed at the perfume connoisseurs of the Middle East who have a strong liking for musky scents. The composition opens with notes of sweet pear infused with pink pepper and bergamot which is beautifully entwined with the contrasting yet intense notes of heliotrope and licorice in the heart.



Sharing her inspiration behind the fragrance, Cecile Matton said, “The idea was to explore the dark side of musk. We wanted to create a soft contrast between light elements and dark ones, to obtain a ‘chiaroscuro’ sensuality.” To which, Ralf Schwieger added, “We wanted to express the sensual nature of musk, that wondrous element that stirs your curiosity and makes you want to lean in closer…”


Black Musk focuses on exploring the stormier inner core of musk, making it one of the bold attempts in the category by The Body Shop.According to the perfumers, it is the mixing dark woods, roots and vanilla beans with an overdose of musks that helped them uncover the black and sensual side of musk.  Describing the fragrance as sensual and playfully seductive, the creators believe that it is sure to meet the demands of the Middle Eastern perfume lover.



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