Dubai Duty Free operated stores lists Nabeel Perfumes products

Dubai-based luxury fragrance manufacturer Nabeel Perfumes Group recently gained a strong foothold with Dubai Duty Free operated stores, listing its products across Dubai International Airport’s departures terminals 1, 2 and 3 in the perfume section.

nabeelbigThis department is close to the boarding gates, giving travelers an opportunity for last minute shopping before they board.

“I am confident that our association with Dubai Duty Free will prove to be a success. We pride ourselves in giving the customer high quality luxury products at fantastic prices,” said Asghar Adam Ali, Founder and Chairman of Nabeel Perfumes Group.

The company’s brand portfolio comprises a range of luxury oriental perfumes as well as a French line of fragrances that go under the name Chris Adams. The perfumes are available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, India and the UK.

Nabeel Perfumes is expanding its distribution in the duty free and travel retail channel. Its first step was to exhibit at the Middle East Exclusive that was held at the Dubai World Trade Center and coincided with the annual MEDFA conference last year.

“We want to connect with Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Duty Free,” explained Murtuza Fakhruddin, President-Group Operations, Nabeel Perfumes Group.

Currently the company has a presence in Ras-al-Khaimah Airport Duty Free with a 4 X 4 meter Nabeel kiosk and sales have been increasing. “The airport has increased its flights, which has helped, and the best part of it is that there are not only Arabs moving through the airport—there are also Russians and Indians flying from there,” said Fakhruddin. “We find that Eastern European customers like Arabic products. Most of our products have floriental notes, which doesn’t only pertain to the Arab population. Indians, Asians and Europeans love these types of fragrances, and they’re long-lasting.”

Nabeel Perfumes recently launched Khaltat Al Shyookh which is receiving a good response from the market and is available in edp and oil perfume. The fragrance is a blend of Istanbuli rose, amber, musk, dhanal oudh, sandal and oils from precious woods. The packaging is inspired by the traditional Royal attire in a velvet finished box with an elegant crystal bottle.

Nabeel Perfumes Group has been in business for 43 years. The company entered the retail market with oriental fragrances and more recently introduced the French-influenced counterpart Chris Adams.

“We’ve been very successful with Chris Adams, and it’s now available in more than 100 countries worldwide,” said Fakhruddin.

Nabeel is trying to introduce the brand into all the duty free outlets in the region and globally.

“With Nabeel we found it a bit difficult to get into the French perfumes line. There was no fusion with Nabeel with French perfumes. We got in a designer and designed these products in Paris and London,” said Fakhruddin. “We try to produce good quality perfume. To keep the price down we save on the packaging and have it developed in China.”

The innovative packaging goes a little further than traditional cartons. “We don’t have simple boxes. Our boxes are made out of material that can be re-used for many purposes—they’re made of wood or synthetic leather. Since the customer is paying for everything, why not give them something they can re-use,” said Fakhruddin.

Nabeel is entering the domestic retail market with its own exclusive outlets in the region. The outlets will be named Nabeel and will sell high-end premium Arabian products.

“We’ve started with Nabeel outlets in Dubai Mall, Dubai Outlet mall and in Sahara Center in Sharjah. We should be opening more shops and exclusive showrooms in the next three years. Our goal is to open 20 more stores,” explained Fakhruddin.

“We believe that quality is always the key to success, and we do not charge heavily. We try to maximize the quality of the products at a reasonable price. There are other competitors that are doing other things that are too expensive. Everyone should be able to use a quality product. We want to give a lifestyle product to our consumers.”

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