Ajmal Perfumes’ Annual Suhour

Ajmal Perfumes’ Annual Suhour this year saw the brand’s love for everything royalty translated effortlessly for Ramadan Mubarak

Prestigious master in the art of fragrance creation from the Middle East, Ajmal Perfumes encapsulated the essentials for its traditional Suhour.

L to R – Mr Shujath-Rehman, Mr Mazumdar, Mr K. Deep, Mr Sahitya K Chaturvedi

The Zayna Tent located in the centre of Dubai Downtown unveiled the beautiful and awaited event of the month.

Mr Evarist Rego & Mr Abdulla Ajmal with guests

Mr Sirajuddin Ajmal,  Director of Ajmal Group was the special note to this elegant and very exclusive night. Among the crème de la crème, the Annual Suhour counted with Ajmal family members and associates who were welcomed in a traditional decoration and atmosphere.

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