7th Edition Of Esxence Hosted In Milan This Year

More than 156 celebrity brands were showcased to the public when the one of its kind exhibition for niche perfumery fans premiered in Milan from the 26th to 29th March this year

Esxence- The scent of Excellence, a unique exhibition that deals with exhibiting the latest in the domain of niche perfumery received an overwhelming response from perfume connoisseurs across the globe when its latest edition was hosted recently in Milan.

Through this exhibition, the retailers, media and public came across a unique platform where they got the chance to witness the latest trends in the domain of perfumery. In fact, the exhibition emerged as a powerful platform where retailers could interact with business owners exchange ideas and even finalise deals. The participants of the exhibition came from Italy, France, UK, US, UAE and many other countries.


 Star perfumers and the protagonists of the industry graced the occasion. The concept of this 7th edition was the combination of music and perfume. For instance, Musician Luciana Bigazzi collaborated with perfumer Keiko Mecheri to introduce the harmony of music and perfume. Even the Middle Eastern buyer had the chance to take a look at the latest Oriental fragrance by Western brands.

As part of the exhibition, the organisers also hosted conferences and workshops to educate the consumer as well as retailers about the upcoming trends in perfumery and how it impacts the industry.

Conferences & Workshops

‘How the West fell in love with oud’, a session conducted by Michael Edwards, explained the movement of oud fragrance to the Western market. According to the data that he shared, in 1994 there were only 2 Western fragrance containing oudh; in 2004, this number rose to 9 fragrances growing to a massive 110 fragrances in 2012 as well as 124 in 2013. In 2014, though the number has come down, oud has surely made its mark as a trend that is here to stay.


Another session was conducted by Osmothéque, one of the most important olfactive association based in Versailles and was titled ‘Bitter Orange’ . This session educated the visitors about raw materials especially orange notes and also gave them a chance to smell the latest perfumes of Chanel, Guerlain, etc.

The 4 day event also featured several conferences including one on ‘Artisan Perfumery: Business Opportunities and Business Threat’ by Karen Marin from Parfums Givenchy gave to visitors newest industry movements and key of business, whilst Elle Decor Italy and experts talked about the scent and design.


Who were the exhibitors

The exhibitor lists included AJ ARABIA, Bond No.9, CREED, Eternal by Ajmal, House of Sillage, Parfums M.Micallef, The Spirit of Dubai and many other brands.

This also gave us an opportunity to interact with the master perfumers and here is what we got from the short and quick conversation.

‘What is your resolution in 2015?

Bertrand Duchoufor

Bertrand Duchoufor

Be Simple, direct and honest to myself. Also to challenge and look for innovative ways continuing my belief in integrity as the core virtue to be maintained for all the work that I do.

As far as perfumes are concerned, I look forward to accomplishing my challenge of creating an animalic masculine fragrance with costus and calamus!

Faisal Al Dosari, HADARAH

Businesswise, I want to launch in more than 25 countries in this year. Also I am creating new fragrance, inspired by the special scent of the desert after the rain. My personal resolution is that I want to make the people I love feel happy.

Sergio Momo

Sergio Momo , XERJOFF and SOSPIRO

Our target for the business is to expand to Asia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries…We know it is not easy. But we believe that we have the potential. The raw material we are focusing on is Iris. Of course we continue to focus on oud in different extractions, but since iris is the signature flower of Italy using it can is also important.

Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Stéphane Humbert Lucas, Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

When it comes to business, I am keen to hire more talent in order to strengthen my growth plans. I also plan to create a new fragrance using galbanum. For my personal life, I want to buy a boat and live in Lisbon, Portugal where I can be close to my family and the ocean, two things that I love.

Neela Vermeire


Perfume is journey for me. I want to continue my journey through fragrance and enhance the global footprint of my creations by expanding to different countries.

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