Valentino Releases New Campaign with Lady Gaga

Valentino Beauty releases a new campaign for the women’s fragrance ‘Voce Viva‘ with Lady Gaga.

“Today more than ever, senses are the vehicles that will lead us to rebirth.” Pierpaolo Piccioli. 

Born in the virtually-achieved collaboration between Maison Valentino artistic director Pierpaolo Piccioli, LA-based director Harmony Korine and Lady Gaga, the film, is an invitation to gather together for a more inclusive world. “A celebration of equality, a homage to the generation no boundaries,” Pierpaolo Piccioli.


A chorus to diversity and inclusivity, to heritage and modernity, the film’s message “My Voice, My Strength” invites people to use their voice to share their values, diversity and beliefs. “My voice is what I am standing for, what makes me heard, it’s the statement of my individuality. The voice is alive. It has its own life. It’s a force of nature. Nature is powerful. It’s important how you use it.” Lady Gaga

With his modern sense of image and cinematographic approach, director Harmony Korine captures Lady Gaga in the power of the moment that a woman uses her true voice. Filmed alone beneath the light-dappled trees of a Los Angeles forest to respect social distancing, Lady Gaga sings “A Sine from Above,” across the world, people, filmed on the rooftops of empty buildings in Barcelona, form a chorus of voices, hearing the Sine and joining in the uplifting energy of her song.  Written in homage to the power of music in transforming her life, when, the Sine – soundwave – she hears, “heals her heart at a sine.”

“I felt strong and alive, hearing myself echo through the forest as I was singing in this dress. It reminded me of my freedom and how I get to experience the magic, freedom & magic I wish everyone to have.” Lady Gaga

Expressing the healing of nature, of music and today’s ever-greater need to feel connected, the film shares a message of hope and revival; a world where everyone has a voice. “No voice is equal to another, and every voice sings its own unique song all the voices contribute to a whole, human symphony,” Pierpaolo Piccioli.

I believe most voices have the ability to positively impact, but all voices are impactful.” Lady Gaga

Continuing their artistic collaboration begun for Born in Roma, Valentino Beauty chose Inez & Vinoodh, to capture the powerful Sine behind Voce Viva in a still image. Initially scheduled for Los Angeles, the shoot with Lady Gaga was reinvented to meet the world’s unexpected changes, and instead, Valentino Beauty asked Inez & Vinoodh to reinvent images of Lady Gaga from a previous shoot.

With the deep sensibility for which they’ve become fashion photography’s finest, Inez & Vinoodh capture a moment of pure emotion: where time no longer exists but also is very of the moment. Lady Gaga radiates in her Valentino red couture dress, designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, under a glowing blue sky.


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