Givaudan Launches Bloomful – A New Fragrance Platform

The platform is comprised of technologies and capabilities helping perfumers to address challenges associated to the “bloom”: the moment when a fragrance comes to life and gradually fills the room.

The Bloomful platform offers specially adapted solutions for three key categories: home care, fabric care and personal care.

Bloomful highlights include two new patent-pending technologies:

Bloomful Wave creates unique blooming moments during all wet stages of the laundry process
Bloomful Sparkle is a direct response to consumers’ expectation for a high-fragrance experience while cleaning and rinsing dishes.
These technologies are the newest addition under the Bloomful platform collection which also includes Bloomful Last, Bloomtech, and Bloomful Spa. The Bloomful platform is designed to strengthen the portfolio of innovations developed by Givaudan’s Health & Wellbeing Centre of Excellence, which includes platforms for malodour (Zap) and neuroscience (Scentz).

The platform is backed by years of research by Givaudan’s Science and Technology team at the Centre of Excellence in Ashford, UK. Their research included sensory and chemical analysis developing new instrumental set ups and methodologies to understand and characterize the complex dynamics underpinning the design of “super blooming” perfumes. These findings enable the team’s perfumers to use innovative creation tools to craft distinctive fragrances for customers looking to enhance the ‘bloom’ of their products.

Jeremy Compton, global head of Science and Technology Fragrances, notes, “We are excited about sharing the benefits of the Bloomful™ platform with our customers, as we use it to create the most effective and delightful fragrances. By bringing together our talented perfumers’ insights and decades of scientific research, we are finding ways to describe bloom precisely for different formats. This is a perfect example of how our teams work together to bring delight to our customers and, ultimately, to consumers around the world.”

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