Force Majeure Declaration By BASF-CDon

BASF has triggered a new Force Majeure event recently which will once again have major repercussions on the Synthetics supply. This time, Muscs such as Habanolide/Exaltolide are affected…

On October 19th 2018, BASF declared a new Force Majeure on deliveries of CDon – Cyclo Dodecanone as their Ludwigshafen site was impacted by continuously falling water levels. BASF is considered to be one of the largest producers of CDon globally.  One of the leading fragrance house, Robertet  who is not a direct buyer of that ingredient but they  use it as a feedstock to produce key aroma chemicals the company sources from other companies that are used in many of their fragrances, like Exaltolide and Habanolide /Globalide. 

Robertet intends to proactively inform its customers of this situation and wants to convey to them the approaches they have taken to minimize the effect.

The group has initiated the following activities to ensure supply continuity of their clients’ products:

-Secured the volumes to supply their currently forecasted items

-Extended their supply coverage of key materials and will continue to negotiate the best allocation plans for the affected ingredients going forward.

-Initiated development of internal solutions that may provide hedonically equivalent alternatives.

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