Part 4 The Art Of Tailor-Made Perfumes A Fragrance Buyer’s Consumer Experience

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Part 4 The Art Of Tailor-Made Perfumes A Fragrance Buyer’s Consumer Experience

In this journey of the art of tailor-made perfumes, Ivan Siarbolin has taken us through the various processes like Brand Designing, Packaging and Creation. Let’s explore with Ivan

Now that we have perfumes, bottles, packaging, and all already filled and packed, is this the end of the Perfume Creation process? Maybe it is just the beginning.

This phase where you have the product ready to be experienced by a consumer is the most exciting of all. This is where, based on the customer experience, your perfumes can be smelled in a proper environment where one will be merged into a story, feel it, believe in it, and we all hope, make a purchase.

From my experience, many niche brands plan their budget only for the production phase. Sometimes a bit more for marketing, but in very rare cases for consumer experience. I have heard plenty of times the same old narrative “We just want to start first and then make the rest”.

But what are the consumers going to experience? An “empty” brand, without that magnetic environment of story-telling. It might work if all your efforts for success rely on luck but facts show quite the opposite.

Commercial brands know it is very crucial to have pop-up promo podiums, trays, visual merchandise, gifts with purchase, and other tools to trigger sales. And niche brands too want to sell by behaving differently but they don’t always do this in a smart way.

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Hoping to find a good distributor that will take care of the brand and not investing in consumer experience themselves is a step towards failure to create proper branding.

There are many great examples of perfume brands creating unique consumer experience and I’d like to highlight these three.


It is a French niche perfume brand founded by Olivier Royére, Sylvie Loday, and Benoît Verdier. All their perfumes are created in the Givaudan perfume company by famous perfumers. But what makes them stand out is their consumer experience and customization options. Once you’ve selected your favorite perfumes, you can personalize them by adding special blends, prepared in advance, and stores in special jars at each retail point of sale. What you get at the end is a qualitative niche perfume and personalized experience. All, from the idea to the retail point of sale is well designed and implemented. Great work, Ex-Nihilo!

Atelier Cologne

A French brand founded by Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel. I leave the judgment of the quality and style of their perfumes to the readers but I certainly love the customer experience they’ve created. Actually they’ve created a format where simple perfumes, after you select them, turn into luxury and desired objects by just adding a customizable leather pouch to it. Heavy metal engraving machines and an array of colorful leather pouches help in creating this.


One of the oldest perfume brands in history with one of the most famous and the most sophisticated perfumes in the world (Habanita). Molinard Maison is located in Grasse, it is a museum, shop, and cultural heritage site at the same time.

They have scheduled tours, every 30 minutes, across the Maison where you can see how Molinard would obtain perfume oils using one of the oldest methods like Enfleurage, Steam Extraction, and others. After this journey, you step into their shop where you have a wide range of products, from soaps to perfumes.

In addition to that, you may book the Perfume Creation session, learn how to create a perfume, and even try your hand at making your own. It is the richest consumer experience I’ve ever
had by far.

These are just a few examples of how the process of consumer experience can be enriched. Of course, each brand story would have to have its own method of stitching the story around the products and making the customer feel and experience the story.

It can be compared to the premiere screening of a movie and the crew of the film wait for the result of the audience. Their reaction is what matters most to the creative team as well as the commercial team as it’s an indication of the critical success as well as the commercial success of the film.

Although all other processes help in attracting the customer and get them closer to the product, it’s the customer experience that finally helps the customer decide. And in fact, it’s the culmination of the processes where all the efforts put in by the creators show the result.

This phase is probably the most important part of the perfume creation process and it complements the Perfume Marketing process that I will cover in the next part of this series.

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