Scent Shaping, the Heavenly-Scented Self-Care Trend

Scent Shaping, the Heavenly-Scented Self-Care Trend

We all now know the feeling of needing to separate personal and professional life! And specifically for those working from home still when your kitchen is your meeting room, your bed is your desk, and your housemates and family members have become as familiar with your co-workers as you are, how on earth can you enforce any semblance of boundaries? Fragrance zoning!

According to the new wellness trend "fragrance-zoning", otherwise known as "scent-shaping", it's possible to divide your house and your day up using different scents, compartmentalising each room or each time period in your mind.

Whether you choose to zone by room or by certain times of the day it's an effective way to set clearer boundaries. Scent has an incredibly influential effect on our mood and wellbeing in a subconscious way and many of us don't use it to its full potential. For example, to start the day you can start with a scent that can evoke energy in the bathroom in the form of a shower gel or aromatherapy oil, such as lime, lemon or something zesty. Then, as you begin your working day in the office or living room, you could use a fragrance that evokes motivation, such as an olfactory of coffee or peppermint. When you finish working you may want to wind down by filling the bedroom with a scent such as lavender to aid relaxation, so the different aromas support the needs of your day.

Experts recommend using one scent for working hours, and a different one when it's time to wind down. You can even incorporate a different scent for your workout hour, for energy and for concentration too. With this in mind, it's hardly surprising that home fragrance and eau de parfum has boomed during the past year.

Parfums de Marly, for example, has taken inspiration from the idea of a perfume wardrobe to create moments and moods throughout the day. The perfume house has created the Parfums de Marly Discovery Collections and Sets that are a curation of vibrant and creative scent compositions with some of the most beautiful and rare essences. The collection is perfect for segmenting the day by mood.

Furthermore, the perfume house has introduced multiple olfactory compositions beyond the traditional eau de parfum. Think, hair sprays, candles, moisturisers and hand creams that allow scent shaping throughout the day - a refreshing Delina shower gel in the morning followed by body moisturiser, an energising candle post-lunch and Darcy a sensual fragrance that blends sparkling citrus notes and sweet floral notes enveloped in fleecy and delicate white musk - perfect for the evening.

This article has been contributed by Parfums De Marly

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