Part 5 The Art Of Tailor-made Perfumes Marketing A Niche Perfume

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Part 5 The Art Of Tailor-made Perfumes Marketing A Niche Perfume

In this final part of the 5 part series, Ivan Siarbolin, puts together the final piece of the puzzle, Perfume Marketing.

To understand Perfume Marketing, one needs to first answer this primary question : “Is marketing a perfume product different from marketing any other beauty product?”

Yes, it is. Among all beauty products, perfumes (together with luxury creams) are the most intangible. For example, in makeup, the consumer can see and experience the colors of lipstick or eyeshadows and even try them out on themselves in  a mirror. While with skincare and haircare products, the consumer can still rely on the ingredients list.

It is very difficult to understand or experience a perfume by a list of ingredients. Perfume stories exist for this very reason and to help the consumer but how often does a perfume story describe a perfume precisely? I would say, very rarely. So perfume brands need to utilize a set of approaches on how to properly deliver a brand message, create a memorable environment and sell products.

Based on years of our experience we have defined for us the following elements of Perfume Marketing that work:

Personalities Behind the Brand

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  • Actually, anyone can be a personality behind the brand: founder, manager, distributor, celebrity, influencer or brand ambassador. Commercial and fashion brands normally adopt this method by inviting hollywood stars or celebrities to market their products.

Brand’s Social Media channels

  • It is the easiest, cheapest, fastest way to communicate with consumers. It’s also one that is used irrespective of the size or budget of the brand. And this is one of those mediums that can help the brand with creativity more than budget. Of course the budget would define the reach but ‘out of the box’ ideas can help brands reach out to a larger audience with organic reach too. However just social media presence is not enough and one needs to combine other methods to keep the consumer engaged.

Community Marketing

  • Brands that are able to unite people by their idea, concept, or philosophy create a strong community of consumers. It greatly affects lifetime value, brand loyalty, and sales performance.

Social Media Bloggers & Influencers

  • It is actually difficult to imagine an industry where social media has a stronger influence. In most cases, this is the only channel niche perfume brands have to communicate and deliver news about their products. I do not recommend relying only on social media as it is very powerful only in a combination of several other elements.

Digital Marketing

  • A website is a great tool for any brand to promote their products. For a niche brand, the website is a presentation, storytelling brochure, platform to tell the brand story, and shop at the same time. I highly recommend niche perfume brands to create an interesting website that tells a story, creates a platform for further communication, and gives the consumer an opportunity to purchase its products with exclusive customizable benefits.

Social Responsibility and Charity

  • When social responsibility is a part of the brand concept, it is empowering and motivating, although it is never too late to implement initiatives that will affect and improve lives and or situations. It is really inspirational to see how perfume companies and perfume brands help to support raw materials producers, farmers, vulnerable communities and people during a pandemic and challenging situations.

Retail Distribution and Point of Sales

  • I can’t stress enough about how important it is for niche brands to find a good distributor and retailer. All I can say is everything happens in its own time and if one works on the points above, the brand will fins its way to the best point of sales in the world.

Promo Podiums and Brand Activations

  • Not a very popular way for niche perfume brands but “activation” includes events and this is where niche perfumery gets creative. The most daring, unique, artistic events and product launches are done by niche brands, not commercial and fashion brands. If you have a chance to attend events organized by Xerjoff, Nasomatto, Arcadia by Amna go without hesitation and they are incredibly inspiring experiences.

Distributor Marketing

  • Something I have seen very rarely but perfume brands that use it have greater results and stronger communication with their distributors. Usually, Perfume Brand and Distributor tend to not have a comfortable relationship and are constantly wary about each other, expecting that the other will be proactive with demands, requirements, sales report and better price negotiations. The distributor is a road to consumers and focusing on business friendship will bring way better results. I’ve seen brands that have hundreds of points of sales and none of their distributors invested in opening a boutique for them, while other brands that have dozens of good points of sales for whom distributors built several boutiques in different countries.
  • Co-branding
    A great way for established perfume brands as well as for emerging ones.


My intention was to share with both professionals and perfume lovers the knowledge, expertise, and experience that I’ve accumulated working with tailor-made niche perfume brands for over
7 years now.

I wanted to guide you through the journey of niche perfume making, tell how inspiring and how challenging it is.

I hope that my recommendation will be used by perfume brands to improve one or another aspect of their business and give a better understanding of tailor-made niche perfumes to perfume lovers.


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