Jo Malone Talks Life in Dubai, and the Scentsof Sea, Souk and Desert

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Jo Malone Talks Life in Dubai, and the Scents of Sea, Souk and Desert

“I can feel the creativity in my fingers. It’s like an electric energy,” said the British perfumer and entrepreneur who’s left Britain behind and moved with her husband to Dubai.

Perfumer Jo Malone has followed her nose to the Middle East, leaving her native London behind for Dubai, the “hot amber” smell of the desert, the souk air thick with cinnamon, frankincense and sandalwood, and the scented napkins at the dinner table. “I found a lychee note the other day, and it was so beautiful,” said Malone from her Jo Loves shop on London’s Elizabeth Street. ‘It’s got a very heady scent- quite musky in a funny sort of way. We’d call it an ‘animal note’.

Malone had also recently recovered from what she describes as a serious bout of anxiety, which also got her thinking about her next act.

Malone said she loves the people, the climate and its proximity to the rest of the Middle East, the Far East and Europe, the fastest-growing markets for the Jo Loves business.

Iberchem Accredited RSPO Certification for Sustainable Palm Oil

Iberchem has announced its Global Headquarters in Alcantarilla, Spain has received certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a global a non-profit, multi stakeholder organization dedicated to promoting sustainable palm oil production worldwide, for Mass Balance production at its site.

By exhibiting compliance with RSPO standards through a comprehensive verification process, Iberchem is actively involved with the industry-led initiative to make sustainable palm oil the norm. Implementing the global standards for sustainable palm production and procurement, Iberchem’s manufacturing site can deliver Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) materials via
Mass Balance.

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Expanding Iberchem’s sustainable ingredient portfolio with certified sustainable palm derivate produce.

Attaining RSPO certification empowers Iberchem to build upon Iberchem’s Green Future seal by developing their sustainable fragrance solutions further with certified sustainable palm oil. Re-enforcing their dedication to our planet and its people, compliance with RSPO standards will ensure Iberchem has minimal impact on the planet and a positive impact on producing communities worldwide.

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