Fine Fragrance Trends on The Radar

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Fine Fragrance Trends on The Radar

Eurofragance has revealed the latest olfactive trends shaping the perfumery industry in 2022 and beyond in a new report. A desire for nature, mood-boosting scents, and identity empowerment drive 2022 fine fragrance trends

Better-for-the planet fragrances and scents that smell clean are trending this year. Top women’s fragrances include fresh, sweet, fruity and nature-inspired scents, while trending masculine perfumes are clean smelling, fresh, spicy and long-lasting.

The idea of local escapism and nature, happiness, childhood nostalgia, sensuality and comfort and women empowerment are strong themes in perfumes for women. Breathing and connecting with nature, empowerment and authenticity are themes trending in perfumes for men.

Revive with nature

Fragrances inspired by nature, a forest, jungle, flower… or with green and natural notes are returning to front stage, a sign of how our time is marked by environmental concerns and a desire to return to essentials and reconnect with nature.

Tea-lightful scents that awaken and revive the senses are back. This revival is due not just to feel-good and relaxing perfumes, but also to the sense of escapism that consumers are searching for as the pandemic recedes.

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Rose continues to reign as a star ingredient in perfumes targeted to women. This season we find a dark rose, spicy, dry woody and gourmand. Rose proves to be a pervasive, heady scent, influenced by the Arab Gulf region, whereas spices are most popular in perfumes targeted for men. Electrifying ginger brings its incisive freshness to fragrances. This season, spicy fragrances inspire both freshness and a renewed confidence.

Happiness matters

The trend of escapism, travelling and experiencing new adventures is also in perfumery, an industry moving toward a healthier approach in ingredients. These are added via a juicier, more natural touch, yet revealing complexity, freshness and originality between sweetness and juicy freshness.

Melon, pear, red and yellow fruits such as raspberry, peach or apricot are commonly used.

This season, inspiration comes mainly from coconut and lactonic notes to evoke solar notes, intensifying the notes with their ‘milky’,
addictive scent.

Identity empowerment

Smells go with the generation of bold and passionate women who enjoy and affirm their femininity. New launches unveil emblematic white flowers such as jasmine, tuberose and gardenia. In addition, the traditional fougere ingredient, lavender, is more and more used in feminine fragrances. Woods are now also having a moment in feminine scents and vetiver adds olfactive strength.

Female consumers look for comfort and hedonist pleasures driving their desire for extreme odors. Infused with vintage liquor blends, fragrances are exploring a deep masculinity with old rum, ambery cognac and anisic and herbal absinthe or brandy cognac to bring warmth and reveal exquisite notes of fruits and spices. These are more intense, spicy, smoky, gourmand and bitter fragrances.

Freshness has become the key of light and easy to wear fragrances. A masculine classic, lavender, is still present for a clean side while developing virile and dynamic notes. Traditional perfumery woods stand out in the new launches this season and play a first role too: cedarwood, sandalwood and precious oud. They produce a sensual and vibrant smell that lingers on skin for a deep masculine sensuality. Influenced by the Gulf region, fragrances are strong and long-lasting with smoky vetiver wood, black and mate tea and tobacco to create a deep sensuality.

Genderless fragrances are also on the radar. New generations such as Gen Z or Millennials search for fragrances that match their identity. They want a society free from gender stereotypes and prejudice. Reviving with nature, mood-boosting scents and identity empowerment are definitely fine fragrance trends that are here to stay.

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