Eurofragance Eyes Sales Consolidation in the Middle East

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Eurofragance Eyes Sales Consolidation In The Middle East

Repositioning will see the leading B2B fragrance  house push into new business territories

Eurofragance, a leading international fragrance house, is consolidating its growth efforts in the Middle East after a brand repositioning.  Launched in 1990 in Barcelona, the company has a family-run ethos, akin to so many businesses in the UAE.

The midsize multinational, which employs nearly 400 people and has a presence on five continents—including its Dubai affiliate office—has undergone a strategic refocus with fresh ambitions to grow its share of the fragrance market.

If you have ever bought a fine fragrance from a large retailer or souk, chances are the product can be traced back to Eurofragance’s talented team of Perfumers. Highly prized among scent-savvy locals, the company has driven its business among a loyal client base across the region, in a market where distinct scents are highly coveted.

The company’s latest strategy is to push into the Home and Personal Care categories. This objective will be bolstered by expanding its client base and geographic influence, while taking on more projects, including adding new product segments.

A Family-Run Business With A Global Presence

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Antoine de Riedmatten, General Manager India Middle East and Africa, based in Eurofragance’s Dubai office, says: “Since opening this office in 2011 and developing our presence in the region, I’ve shared the company’s desire for putting the client first, and operating as a family-run business. We work with the passion and agility of a young, entrepreneurial company, but I have witnessed the company evolve into a truly world-class enterprise.”

“With such power comes responsibility, and it is ours to try to help our ever-expanding customer base and for their consumers to enjoy extraordinary scents in new and innovative ways.”

Eurofragance, as a midsize fragrance house, has always differentiated itself from bigger companies through its reactivity, agility and drive to build strong, long-term partnerships.

Founded in 1990 by 25-year-old entrepreneur and fragrance aficionado Santiago Sabatés, Eurofragance has carved out its place in fine perfumery, in particular in high-end niche brands and in the ever expanding oriental fragrance segments. 

Along with its renowned fine fragrances, the company creates and produces scents across most Home Care and Personal Care segments.

These two categories are now where the company plans its growth, backed by the same philosophy that allowed it to grow organically over the last three decades.

Eurofragance recently hired fragrance veteran Olegario Monegal as Global Business Unit Director, Home & Personal Care.  Holding more than two decades of perfumery expertise, he brings with him a reservoir of experience gathered in South and North America, Asia and Europe, particularly in the home and personal care categories.

He says: “Like many boutique fragrance houses, Eurofragance started in fine perfumery—and has done exceptionally well over a short time frame in this competitive environment. 

The time has come, however, to rebalance our share of sales so that Fine Fragrance, Home Care and Personal Care are more evenly split.  Not
only will this afford us greater stability in challenging times—the pandemic is just one example—but it will also serve as a springboard to penetrate new segments, markets and brands.” 

A Brand Makeover In Order To Reflect The Company’s Strategic Shift 

With a refocus of the company’s strategy, Eurofragance realized that it needed more than a facelift in order to fulfill the company’s vision.  With the help of Summa, a brand and design agency headquartered in Barcelona, Eurofragance undertook a holistic rebranding.

Following a year of work (and introspection), in June 2021, Eurofragance unveiled its new strategic direction, visual identity, and website.

Stéphanie Marze, Head of Global Marketing and Corporate Communication, Eurofragance, explains: “If our wish is to grow vertically, into new categories, and horizontally, in terms of our scope of influence, we must align our corporate messages to reflect this growth strategy. This has now been done; our communication reflects the company’s objectives and vision.”

And the bold re-think empowers the Eurofragance team to compete with largest fragrance houses.

A Desire To Positively Surprise Customers

Laurent Mercier, Chief Executive Officer at Eurofragance, is well aware of the challenge of balancing continued growth while maintaining customer intimacy.

He says: “Our experience and know-how combined with a `healthy appetite’ allow us to quickly scale up our fragrance creation and manufacturing model in new markets. In doing so, it is paramount we continue to nurture our partners and reward them for their loyalty. We now have the capabilities, network, palette and talent of our larger competitors—we are ideally poised for growth.”

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