Les Exclusifs de Chanel 1932




Mademoiselle Chanel created her first designer jewellery collection presented at a sumptuous soiree in her apartments. “Exhibition of Diamond Jewels created by CHANEL, from November 7 to 19, 1932, at the home of Mademoiselle Chanel, 29, Faubourg Saint-Honoré.”


Chanel celebrates the founding act of jewellery creation for the House with a new interpretation of the Bijoux de Diamants Collection, called 1932. Inspired by this constellation of diamonds, Jacques Polge, Creator of Chanel Perfumes, has created an exceptional fragrance that rightfully takes its place in Les Exclusifs de Chanel Collection.

In 1932, Mademoiselle Chanel dazzled Paris with a shower of diamond stars.

Because she had the gift of going against the grain, because it was a time of financial crisis that threatened what she respected more than anything: the noble work of artistic craftsmen; because she detested “value-jewellery” that hung from women’s necks and fingers, necklaces and rings as heavy as a vault, she agreed to design a diamond jewellery collection that naturally created a sensation. Inspired by the lights that shone in the sky at night and lit up the signs on the Champs-Élysées, she filled her exhibition with stars, comets, crescent moons and suns.

chanel-1932_HD_EN-4A constellation-collection of high jewellery with all the hallmarks of Mademoiselle’s style: no clasps or fastenings, “I hate clasps”; supple lines that drape the body like fabric; and, as a backlash against confining adornment, the freedom of transformable jewellery. Her vision, in sum, of authentic luxury that is enjoyed without constraint, on one’s bare skin, at one’s every movement, one’s each breath of air.

Precious stones and style…everything about this collection was unique and, in Coco’s own words, “eternally modern”… Words that could be used to describe the essence of LES Exclusifs De Chanel, with their exceptional ingredients, their innovative structure that nevertheless remains true and Jacques Polge’s unique gift of being able to anchor unexpected compositions in the history of the House.

He too found his Milky Way. A precious white flower in the shape of a star that can only be picked at dawn: jasmine

chanel-1932_HD_EN-9Worked petal by petal, magnificently faceted, jasmine gradually spirals out, waits to reveal itself on the skin and finishes b y divulging its sophisticated and voluptuous side.

With fresh top notes that glide around the neck like a platinum snake chain, the fragrance has the crispness of pear, the sparkle of grapefruit and the frosty brilliance of diamond. A simple, straightforward first impression: like CHANEL High Jewellery, past and present, 1932 is effortlessly sumptuous.

As soon as it touches the skin, it warms and opens its subtle heart. The sparkle of zest gives way to the enveloping light of jasmine. Transparent and present, poignant and enduring, this double emblem of Chanel reveals one by one its endless attractions and elegant sensuality. Paved with iris and vetiver, set with musks, it gradually takes on the suppleness of suede and the softness of fur, melds with the skin and basks it in a luminous halo of diamond dust.



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