Dior Introduces J’adore Touche De Parfum

The new option by Dior allows you to customise the J’adore fragrance with just a few magical drops

Created by  François Demachy, the new concentrated parfum called J’adore Touche De Parfum allows users to customise their J’adore fragrances according to their taste and preferences. The Jasmin Sambac and Damascus Rose of the Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette take on novel woody accents with Sri Lankan Sandalwood while the Tuscan Iris of the Voile de Parfum adds an element in mystery.

J'adore Touche De Parfum

Even the bottle is exclusively designed to ensure minimal wastage. The set up comes with an applicator used to dispense the perfume. Depending on the amount of drops that you use, the concentrated perfume can be used to change the fragrance.




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