Naomi Campbell Loves Dior Diorissimo

Naomi Campbell professed her love for the timeless aroma of Dior Diorissimo. She described it as the essence of a supermodel, particularly herself. Naomi Campbell’s affinity for Diorissimo underscores her preference for enduring floral scents, ones that linger enchantingly throughout the night. 

The fragrance unfolds with an invigorating blend of dewy new foliage and zesty rosemary, complemented by the citrusy allure of bergamot. Its heart notes boast a refreshing bouquet of florals, featuring boronia, amaryllis, lilac, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and the ever-lingering lily-of-the-valley. This fragrance encapsulates the grace and elegance of a supermodel, making it a signature choice for those who seek a captivating and enduring olfactory experience.

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