Playing Favourites With Influencer Fatima Almomen!

Bold, Beautiful, fierce, brave and hot! what more could you ask for? Fatima Almomen, a Middle Eastern Fashion influencer reveals her favourites when it comes to choosing fragrances…

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Fatima, a model, digital influencer, an architect, and a brand herself with her own signature fragrance called Fatim Al Momen Fragrance is a perfect example of beauty with brains. With confidence, power and intensity reflecting in her eyes, Fatima paints a perfect picture of what a ‘Fashion Goddess’ would look like.

Other than going gaga over her looks and makeup routine, people are evidently inspired by every move of her, people are keen to know what outfit she wore, or what brand she uses. 

From her own collections, her favourites areJade, Jasper, Tiger Eye and Quartz.

Her other favourite perfume brands are YSL, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Kilian.











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