Symrise Reveals 220 Years Of Fine Fragrance Heritage

Symrise Dubai is revisiting its 220 years of Fine Fragrance heritage by hosting a workshop for its customers with special focus on the iconic perfume building blocks, the De Laire bases. ParfumPlus Magazine gets an insight from  the Symrise team and a few perfumers about this initiation…

Symrise recently relaunched its De Laire bases. ParfumPlus Magazine talks with the team about the
new fragrances and how the brand is growing in
the Middle East region.

De Laire bases have been popular as the basis for high quality fragrances. What are its speciality? Elaborate.
De Laire bases have been the basis for high quality fragrances since the beginning of the 1900s. Each base is a blend of high quality raw materials, fine natural oils and an exclusive captive ingredient. Always in quest of innovation, these iconic bases have been brought back to the forefront, and modernised to become the new legendary bases of  luxury fragrance.


Symrise Perfumers Alienor Massenet and Philippe Papparella-Paris

The relaunch of five bases is the result of four years of team work. The team at Symrise has re-worked the bases to fit the tastes of the new, modern consumer. These bases are said to create the trends of tomorrow’s perfumes.

The new collection boasts of the very soul of fine fragrances:

  • Rouge Groseille DL to capture the very soul of succulent
    red berries
  • Miel Essentiel DL to dive into a new irresistible addiction
  • Ambre 84 DL to flirt with an avant-garde amber
  • Cuir Velours DL to feel the skin-to-skin sensations
  • Noir Prunol DL to uncover the intoxicating glamour


The new De Laire bases were first revealed in the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Miami in May, why did Symrise choose Dubai as the second destination?
“2016 is the launch year for ‘The Next Decade of Fine Fragrance’ at Symrise with a lot of investments planned in FF for the next 10 years. The launch of a new story line was the first step followed by the launch of five new De Laire bases in our palette.

We introduced De Laire first at the WPC in Miami and now rolling out the bases to key-market. We are starting with Dubai because it is one of the biggest regions in terms of the appreciation of fragrance, with a lot of richness in terms of local needs and tastes. We are planning to invest a lot more in this region in the future,” said Ricardo Omori, Senior Vice President, Global Fine Fragrance.

How did the perfumers feel about working on the De Laire project?
“De Laire is a treasured building block for the perfumers, and is very well known by the masters. It is a brand with a long history and a beautiful heritage. The classic De Laire bases are still in the most iconic fragrances on the market and we are very fortunate that De Laire is part of Symrise’s DNA. It was incredibly exciting to take part
in our internal project to revive it.” shared Philippe Paparella-Paris, Perfumer Dubai.


How did Symrise modernise the DL bases?
“For Symrise, these bases will reveal our Haute Parfumerie footprint. We wanted to work on the DNA of Symrise, what we are, where we are coming from, anchor our haute parfumerie and innovative heritage.

The big challenge of the revival of the De Laire bases was to embrace the future of perfumery by sublimating the past, bringing exquisite modernity and haute Perfumery signature. De Laire is a uniqueness that no one else has in the industry, it’s a gemstone that all perfumers want to have in their palette.

We wanted to continue the work of Marie Therese De Laire, stay visionary by modernising these bases fitting the new trends and tastes of millennial consumers.

For example for Rouge Groseille DL, the Symrise perfumer took a great quality of Osmanthus and davana oil and Spicatanate®, a Symrise captive, which can be difficult to work with because it is so powerful, but we integrated it into a base where it gives that juicy, pulpy feeling.” said Aliénor Massenet, Senior Perfumer Paris.

In what way does it affect the brand’s raw materials palette?
“220 years after its creation, De Laire is still very relevant. By combining our unique captives with exquisite high quality natural raw materials, these bases give more depth, richer facets and uniqueness to our creations. We can step away from the mainstream, becoming more substantive to seduce consumers looking for high quality fragrances. It allows us to design scents with a non-imitable strong signature.” said Philippe Paparella-Paris,
Perfumer Dubai.


How are customers reacting to the De Laire workshop?
“With a history spanning more than 5,000 years, Arabian perfumes are steeped in local tradition. Therefore customers in the region are very receptive to our De Laire heritage and the fact that our bases are part of iconic fragrances.

Furthermore, the idea of working with bases relates to the way they create their perfumes, blending different bases together, adding then naturals such as oudh or sandalwood.” explained Tarek Anbar, Sales Director AMET.

What is Symrise planning next for this region?
“After 12 years of absence, Symrise will participate in Beauty World Middle East 2017. With this return, we want to show that Symrise is investing in this dynamic market with a creative team of perfumers, evaluators and marketers collaborating to bring new ideas
to the market and reach local customer.” concluded Tarek Anbar,
Sales Director AMET.