Vania Lacascade On What Inspired Elixirs Of Nature Fragrances

Vania Lacascade, Deputy General Manager, International Brand, The Body Shop talks about the inspiration behind the new Elixirs Of Nature fragrances by the brand

ParfumPlus: Can you tell us a little about the perfumers and the inspiration behind these fragrances?

Vania Lacascade: The inspiration and the creative process of this line started occurring in steps, first by finding the central point of each fragrance and its story from nature. We actually trekked for almost 5 hours to reach the top of mountains and finding the raw scents of natural ingredients and with the help of Headspace Technology was able to translate the olfactive quality of these ingredients to extract and produce essences that would smell exactly like in their natural form. And this is where the perfumers came to magnify each ingredient and create a fragrance that would further enhance the central ingredient.

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