Jadis-Exotic, Evolving, Everlasting

Jadis is the new unisex fragrance introduced by Ne’emah that is inspired by the idea of nostalgia and claims to encapsulate an olfactory experience that takes the user back to the luxuries of the Victorian era

Ne’emah’s latest launch,Jadis, adds to the five other fragrances Laya, Desert Rose, Chateau Rouge, Ne’emah Pour Homme, and Shahla that are available exclusively at Sephora stores in the Middle East. The name of this new fragrance which is inspired by the French term for ‘Nostalgia’, stands true to its meaning and literally transports the users back in time taking them on a sensory experience that is heavily inspired by the luxuries of the bygone era. Skillfully created to leave a lasting impression, this fragrance captivates the senses, evoking a strong wave of emotions. The nose and designer behind the fragrance is Mohammed Ne’emah.

Kuwaiti Perfumer Mohammed Ne’emah’s interest in scents dates back to his childhood when his parents exposed him to their collection of fragrances. His passion for fragrances led to the creation of Ne’emah For Fragrance & Oudh, a brand accredited with some of the finest Arabian perfumes, ever since its inception. With a strong focus on developing compositions that are unique,

JadisMohammed Ne’emah has always emphasised on the use of high quality ingredients. It is this endeavour to excel at every stage that gives Ne’emah fragrances the unique character that makes them popular. As the brand ambassador of his perfumes, Mohammed ensures that his love for adventure and innovation is conveyed through the composition of his scents as well. His new fragrance, Jadis carries forth the legacy of these creative traits that have now grown to be synonymous with the brand.

Mohammed spent most of his summer holidays as a child in France, where he had the chance to watch the beauty and glory of the Victorian era in the architecture and way of life that people follow. It is these long-lost childhood memories that inspired him to create the composition of Jadis. Through this fragrance, he pays tribute to the Victorian luxuries, a concept that has been extremely popular amongst the French.

The unique composition of Jadis consists of rose and orange blossomJadis intertwined with citrus and sweet smelling vanilla followed by a fierce hint of  musk that adds a sense of rapture, making it a desirable scent for men and women. Exemplifying a tasteful blend of simplicity and sophistication, the opaque design of the bottle in white colour symbolises the two key ingredients, vanilla and jasmine, that give the composition its unique accord. The white colour of the bottle is what separates it from an entire range of over forty Ne’emah fragrances, making it a one of its kind creation by the brand.

The tradition of Orient and nuances about the Arabian art of perfumery are not new to Mohammed Ne’emah since the knowledge runs through the family that has been closely associated with the domain of fragrances. To him, smelling goes beyond a simple olfactory trait as the designer has always emphasised on the ability of a smell to stretch the imagination of the mind and empower it to travel through space and time. In Jadis, the master perfumer reiterates this belief beautifully.


In conversation with Mohammed Neemah, the designer and the force behind the Ne’emah, a brand credited with offering some of the finest Arabian perfumes in the region…

ParfumPlus(PP): What is your opinion about the changing tastes and preferences of the Middle Eastern perfume user?

Mohammed Neemah (MN):As we all know, the Middle Eastern market is traditionally renowned for it’s love for perfumes. The demand for exotic natural ingredients like Sandalwood, Amber and Oud have risen considerably and Oriental scents are now the trend. Perfumes are now more of a fashion statement and stronger, more intense scents are becoming hugely popular among people.

PP: Why did you choose to become the brand ambassador of your creations?

MN:I chose myself to be the ambassador of my creations because I believe that no one knows or understands a scent as intricately as the creator himself. No one knows my fragrances better than me, and no one can represent my brand the way I want it, better than me. It has worked well for me and I’m proud of it.

PP: Ne’emah’s inception dates back to the year 1997, almost 18 years old, from then and now, how would you best describe the transitional journey of the brand?

MN:The brand Ne’emah was established in 1997 in Kuwait. Back then, we were a small shop selling only a few fragrances, and we

7-8.21.04-PMhave come a long way since. Right from its inception, Ne’emah became a source of quality, excellence, and luxury. It has become a signature in the market, and has built a reputation that has brought us tremendous success. We started off with just three scents, but now my range is a lot bigger and contains intricate products. My first huge success came with selling my products at Sephora stores in the Middle East. My brand quickly ranked among the top 3 best selling fragrances, among numerous other international brands. This was a great source of motivation for me, which then inspired me to expand to the Asia Pacific region.


PP: Please tell us something about your latest creations and what are you currently working on?

MN:My latest creation is a beautiful fragrance called Jadis, due to launch in the market in June this year. ‘Jadis,’ meaning ‘nostalgia’ or ‘fond memories from a long time ago’ in French, is a small story bottled up in a beautiful white bottle -the only white bottle from the entire range of Ne’emah fragrances. A floral perfume featuring rose and orange blossom in heart, enhanced by a citrus aromatic top note, ending on a background of Vanilla and musk.

PPGiven your exposure to perfume since a very young age, what according to you is the simplest definition of a scent?

MN:A scent is something that represents a person’s character and state of mind. It serves as a reflection of a man or woman’s personality.

PP: What first got you interested in perfumes and scents, can you recollect a particular incident or memory that you would want to share with us?

MN:My journey as a perfumer began at the age of 17. My parents had a huge collection of perfumes, meant for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and other important events.rsz_mohamed_neemah_1I could recognize and distinguish one scent from another and I remember them vividly and can recognize them everywhere, even today. I tried experimenting with a few ingredients to create a perfume, which became hugely popular among family and friends. From there on, I realized that perfumery was a field that was meant for me.

Being the third generation pursuing this craft, the art of perfumery and the tradition of the Orient are within my family roots and I believe that becoming a perfumer was my chosen destiny.

PPFrom all the fragrances that you have created till date, which one comes closest to defining your personality and why?

MN: Though I have created all my fragrances for a reason, I particularly love Laya because I believe that it is the most beautiful perfume that I have created. With soft notes of Vanilla, surrounded by cedar wood and a background of musk and dry wood, this fragrance contains all my favorite ingredients that is perfect for just about any occasion, and it has been one of my best selling fragrance since 2009.

I like starting on a fresh note every morning and I believe in taking risks and challenges. The notes in Laya reflect just this – fresh vanilla, with a hint of musk and cedar wood.

PPTell us something about the process that you take when you start designing a scent?

MN: I spend a great amount of time thinking about people’s needs and tastes. I try to keep the flavors from the Orient alive, yet create perfumes that are suitable for the modern times. No perfume is perfect the first time; I experiment till I get that perfect scent.

The process is not short. It begins with choosing the right ingredients in the right quantities, and creating the right mixture. I experiment with the quantities of each ingredient and group them in different batches for 3 months. Once the ingredients have soaked in the flavors of one another to create these beautiful scents, I come back to smell each one of them and see which concoction is perfect for Ne’emah, which then go to final production.

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