"I Relate A Lot To The New Davidoff Man…"

ParfumPlus gets into an interesting conversation with the face of Davidoff’s latest perfume HORIZON, Simone Bredariol as he tells us his unique connection with this new fragrance for men…

Davidoff recently launched its new perfume HORIZON that captures the freedom of adventure, strength of exploration and the overcoming of possibilities. The face of this fragrance, model Simone Bredariol, had taken part in America’s Next Top Model TV Show, 2010, featured in GQ Style, Numéro, etc. talks to ParfumPlus on his association with this fragrance…


ParfumPlus (PP): Hi Simone… Please tell us about where you come from.
Simone Bredariol (SB): 
I was born in the countryside of Treviso, Italy. From an early age I knew I preferred being outdoors to being just about anywhere else. Thankfully, the city I grew up in is perfectly located an hour from both the sea and from the Dolomites mountain range. When I was still young, my parents took me to the mountains every summer, and I cannot thank them enough for that. We spent entire days hiking in the woods, breathing clean air and seeing breathtaking scenery. But hiking wasn’t the only passion I developed as a child. At age 8, I got on a bicycle for the first time, and ever since biking has been a huge part of my life. No matter where I am, whether it be on a mountain road or a path by the beach, I love every kilometre I ride.

PP: How did you become a model?Davidoff---Horizon---125ML---AED-360
SB: I finished school at the age of 19 with a degree from the Textile Institute of Treviso and after a few months I started working in a local company as a designer for shirt fabrics. I worked there for four years, but with the arrival of the economic crisis and a strange desire for change, I decided to pursue a career as model. Now, 6 years later, I can safely say that I made the right decision. Maybe it was my destiny.

PP: How would you describe the man in the DAVIDOFF Horizon ad?
SB: The man who will wear this fragrance is an adventurous man who is also a lover of nature.

PP: What is your relation to nature?
SB: My love for the outdoors only continued once I started modelling, and soon I also began fishing at the insistence of my (now sadly deceased) grandfather. Once he introduced it to me, I would go fishing every chance I got. Even now, when I have free time, I go to the nearby lake or river bank and relax to the sound of the passing water and the sight of the sunset. Nature is an integral part of my life. I love to spend my days out in the open, and without the mountain air or the smell of the ocean, my life just wouldn’t feel complete. I hope that I can continue to visit new and exciting vistas wherever my journey takes me.


PP: Is the DAVIDOFF Horizon character someone you can relate to?
SB: I relate a lot to the New Davidoff man – I love nature, and have for my entire life. Nature is very important to my family, and also to everyone from my hometown! DAVIDOFF-Horizon---2

PP: You’re an experienced climber. Did you apply any of that knowledge on set during the shoot?
SB: I’m more of a hiker than a climber, but my experience was very useful, since the area where we shot the campaign was very remote.

PP: And lastly, how has it been shooting the DAVIDOFF Horizon print and TV ad campaign?
SB: Shooting a campaign this important for a brand as special as Davidoff is a great honour for me. I gave it my best and I’m sure that the end result will be amazing.

PP: Thank you Simone, it was great talking to you.

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