"I Propose A New Femininity, One That Is More Sensual And Determined…"

The latest by Giorgio Armani luxury fragrance line Armani/Privé, Fil Rouge, Mr Armani talks about its making in behind…

Giorgio Armani’s spring-summer 2016 collection inspired the brand’s latest fragrance – Fil Rouge. A brainchild of Giorgio Armani, and part of the exclusive Armani/Privé fragrances collection, Giorgio Armani talks about the perfume and more…

Question: Why did you choose the notion of “fil rouge”, i.e. a common thread of red, for this edition?
Giorgio Armani (GA): I wanted to explore the olfactory and tactile nuances of the colour red—a colour that I have always used with discretion—with the notion of continuity tied to the metaphor of the red thread as a running theme.FIL-ROUGE-FACON-SANS-FOND

Q: What does the expression “fil rouge” represent for you?
GA: For me, it is the search for continuity that takes into account the unexpected and an evolution, much like my idea of femininity, which is delicately sober but heightened by the search for a new form of seduction.

Q: From where did you draw your inspiration for this new creation? What was your aspiration?
GA: I wanted to translate into fragrance the sensation of red organza fabric, which is so unique to the touch: both silky and crisp, transparent, yet firm and airy. And I created a bottle that picks up the graphic style and sensuality of my spring-summer collection.

Q: Iris is found in all of the Fashion Editions. Why this choice of departure point?
GA: Iris, a flower that has strong ties to Italy, serves as a running thread for the entire collection. A note that is both classic and contemporary, subtle and sophisticated, it can be used in countless ways, just like my clothes.

Q: Does Fil Rouge send a specific message?
GA: I propose a new femininity, one that is more sensual and determined than in the past, without forsaking my values of naturalness, elegance and discretion.


Q: What makes Fil Rouge so distinctive is the fact that each facet, each ingredient and even the bottle are palpable, like a genuine fabric: what fabrics do the ingredients (particularly white musk) of Fil Rouge call to mind for you?
GA: I would like this fragrance to evoke the marvellous feel of silk, impalpable and light. Like organza or muslin- finely crafted, fashioned, sensual to the touch.

7Q: We are often in the habit of associating blues, sandy shades, greys and tones of midnight blue with your work. What does the colour red represent for you?

GA: It conveys energy and power, a strong character. I like to use it in touches, but always with discretion.

Q: What is your “fil rouge”, the common thread that runs through your work, and in your daily life?
GA: It is my unwavering desire not to simplify everything down to a formula, but rather to keep in step with my time, while remaining true to my concept of style.

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