Cécile Matton Talks About Black Musk

In conversation with ParfumPlus, Cécile Matton, creator of Black Musk by The Body Shop, tells us what inspired this creation 

ParfumPlus: What inspired the creation of Black Musk?

Cécile Matton: Black Musk is a florentine gourmand built around musk and exhibits a contrast between top notes and base of the fragrance. And then for the heart, we used the liquorice which is very mysterious and gourmand at the same time, blended with the florentine heliotrope, which is very sensual, feminine and very comfortable, and then at the bottom of the fragrance we used the musk and we blend them with patchouli roots, vanilla beans and also vetiver, and this gives liquorice and the Black Musk its dark facets, making it soft outside and very fierce inside.

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