Ambergris Is My Favourite: Roja Dove

Master Perfumer Roja Dove talks to ParfumPlus Magazine about his favourite ingredient and how he would want to be buried with it

Of the many ingredients used in the art of perfume making, Master Perfumer Roja Dove finds Ambergris the most enticing, as he tells ParfumPlus during an interview:

PP:Which according to you is your all time favorite ingredient to work with?

RD:I love ambergris and I also love labdanum. As it ages, ambergris acquires a sweet and earthy fragrance which is what I like about it. On the other hand, labdanum is derived from a small flowering shrub which smells quite ambergris like. In fact, I love ambergris so much that I would want to be buried with a little bit of it so that it stays with me forever.

You can also watch Roja Dove respond to the question by clicking on the link below:


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