Orris – The Secret Of A Love Potion

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For years people have been trying to brew a love potion to solve the secret of love. However, no one has ever managed to do it. One is for sure: if there really is such a thing as a love potion, it must include orris as its main ingredient

Love is the strongest feeling we can ever experience. If you’re in love, you are capable of everything. No wonder this feeling is enveloped by a veil of mystery. Here’s the story of Orris, the ingredient of love.

Florentine treasure

Italy is known for its magnificent art, delicious cuisine, breathtaking views, captivating perfumery and a long thriving history. Though its capital is Rome, the heart of Italy with all its glory is hidden in Florence. This is probably the reason why that was the home for the most gifted people and the most captivating events. It’s only natural that the most exotic and yet expensive ingredient in perfumery and medicine is grown here.

Orris root, also known as a root of iris pallida, has been cultivated in Florence since Middle Ages. Its scent is warm, sweet and a bit similar to violets. It combines a flowery aroma with heavy and woody notes, that’s why it’s controversial and unusual. Orris root is grown in small quantity and should be aged from 3 to 5 years in order to gain its full fragrance, which is why it is the most expensive and highly cherished ingredient in a perfumery industry. If the perfume contains orris root, it’s distinguished not for its inflated price but also for its long lasting exquisite scent.

Love potions in the art of perfumery

If the fragrant contains the scent of orris root, you may be sure in two things: firstly, this perfume is an essence of art; secondly, wearing it, love will be following you in the air. That’s why the best samples of perfumery definitely contain orris root.

orrisLes Exclusifs de Chanel 28 La Pausa was launched in 2007 by Jacques Polge and, since that year has been the top perfume choice for women. The perfume is brilliant in its combination of exotic orris root and feminine rose along with accenting leather. The scent stays close to your skin and creates a magical impression of both a mystery and a fairy tale that surround you.

If you want to experience a smell of a luxury, make sure you notice this striking perfume, wearing it as if it were an enormously expensive accessory that hypnotises everyone around. You’ll smell of spring, vitality and femininity. Thus, Nicole Kidman, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Wells, Juliette Binoche and hundreds of other successful women admire this perfume and wear it on every proper occasion they can.

Victoria`s Secret Heavenly Summer (2015) is another example of a perfumery masterpiece called upon enthralling and fascinating people who happened to catch its smell. It reminds one of a posh champagne you drink in a luxurious restaurant on Promenade des Anglais during a pleasant summer evening. The mixture of bergamot and orris root perform a miracle here, refreshing you and intriguing those you speak to.  The scent is so pleasant and exquisite that the desire to experience it for a longer time will never fade away. If our memory is strongly connected with our sense of smell, wearing this perfume will make you memorable for each and every person you meet that day. It’s not a surprise that this fragrance became extremely popular among Hollywood celebrities: Billie Piper and Thandie Newton are one of the main admirers of this divine aroma.

One more perfume that is based on orris root is Samsara Eau de Parfum by Guerlain. The Oriental composition is suitable for women who like being in the centre of everyone’s attention. Guerlain is famous for using orris in its perfumes all the time, it keeps all the best qualities of this ingredient and make the fragrant really outstanding. Jean-Paul Guerlain made an emphasis on sandalwood and ylang-ylang as its main components and succeeded in combining them with iris, violets and, of course, orris root. The scent is irresistible and inspiring: perhaps, inspired by the directors of the film Samsara that reveals the most marvellous places of our planet. Samsara is one of the most popular perfumes among celebrities. Cameron Diaz, Angela Lansbury, Jaclyn Smith and a lot of others worship this fragrance for being an elixir for their femininity.orris

If you’re looking for a perfume that is completely based on orris root and is suitable for men, pay your attention to Orris Root D.S. & Durga for men. This fragrance is a composition of powder, wood and flowers and is especially remarkable for being very long lasting. The scent of orris, violets and cedar is suitable not for every man but only for those who are self-assured and really strong.

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