TOUS AU PARFUM : First International Meeting Of Perfume Professions

International Perfume Foundation and Marquise Invest announced the TOUS AU PARFUM event to be held on 1,July, 2022 at Hôtel de l’Industrie – Saint Germain des Prés – 75006 Paris.

This first event organized by the International Perfume Foundation and Marquise Invest in Paris will bring together Perfumers, Designers, Brands, Distributors, Producers of Raw Materials, Manufacturers of Packaging, Retail, Trainers, Teachers and Publicists to discuss and define the orientation of the perfume and perfume products professions, in response to the challenges of the changed world.

With the participation of the best international professionals and the press, in a very symbolic venue in Paris: The Hotel de l’Industrie belonged to the Society of Encouragement for the Industry, an organization, founded in 1801 by Bonaparte to stimulate industrial development, promote technological innovation and encourage all forms of business.

Shifting Lines and Building Bridges
This event will be an excellent opportunity for sharing ideas, participating in a forum for discussions, face-to-face meetings, starting collaborations, networking and exhibiting new products and innovations.

The Program of the Day Exhibition, Conferences, Debates and Workshops followed by a press conference
The New Luxury Awards Ceremony
A Gala Dinner with many artists and VIPs

For more info visit – +33 6 59764466



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