Robertet – Natural From The Origin!

Visit the Robertet Booth at Beautyworld Middle East to immerse in the wonderful world of natural fragrances.

With 170 years of experience, the Robertet Group has developed an undeniable expertise in natural products, which has been rooted in its DNA for several generations. Constantly on the lookout for new natural ingredients and greener extraction technologies, Robertet provides its customers with innovative solutions.

This year, at Beauty World Middle East, Robertet will be presenting its great classics revisited by its perfumers’ team, particularly inspired by the precious natural raw materials. Creating, formulating, stimulating and anticipating emotions for the luxury fragrance market are the missions of the creators. Dispersed throughout the world, they deploy their exceptional know-how to sublimate exceptional raw materials every day.

Present at the source, Robertet masters all the stages of creation, from seed to fragrance, in order to guarantee the best quality and a complete traceability of the product. The Group has been working sustainably for generations long time before it was trendy because it is the only way to work with a natural product.



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