Parfums de Marly Launches Instagram Mini-Series

French perfume house, Parfums de Marly, announce the launch of its Instagram mini-series this November through to December 2020.

In an unwaveringly modern approach that is inspired by the lavish elegance of life at the Château de Marly, Parfums de Marly celebrates an age of modernity, splendour and refined simplicity. Forging its own path by embracing beauty, imagination and refinement, the perfume house creates an overarching narrative that reflects the surprising association of the classic and the contemporary. With creativity, know-how, and imagination, the art of fragrance is deeply embedded in the DNA of Parfums de Marly.

Parfums de Marly interweaves the refinement of the golden age of perfumery with the energy and excitement of contemporary life via a mini-series, titled ‘L’Esprit de Marly’. Paying tribute to the brand’s heritage and future, the series highlights the brand’s core values: duality, a collection of unexpected contradictions, uniting 18th-century life with the exciting pace of modern society; savoir-faire, know-how and expert craftsmanship; boldness, a willingness to take risks; emotion, driving strong feeling with unique creations and creativity.

The five-episode Instagram video series features French artisans who embody each of the brand’s values; Lauren, a paper artist transforming simplicity into awe-inspiring works represents duality; Laurent, a restorer and gilder who has worked for the past decade with the Palace of Versailles embodies the very essence of savoir-faire; Zoe, a calligrapher who represents boldness through the uncompromising aesthetic of her work; Ambroisine, a Soprano who captures emotion through the beauty of her classical voice; and Anne-Lise, an illustrator known for her reinterpretation of the Chateau de Marly showcases creativity.

Julien Sprecher

Julien Sprecher, Founder states “I started out 20 years ago just as niche perfumery was emerging as a sector, responding to the standardization that was happening in traditional perfumery. I wanted to join in this movement, confident that I had something to offer.”

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